Ron DeSantis' Mask Smackdown Triggers CNN's Chris Cillizza to Go Full Karen in Fizzling Hot Take

Ron DeSantis' Mask Smackdown Triggers CNN's Chris Cillizza to Go Full Karen in Fizzling Hot Take
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As Bonchie reported yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave the perfect answer to the mask shamers on the left/in the media who became fauxfended after photos surfaced of DeSantis sitting in what appeared to be a private suite during the Super Bowl without a mask.

For those who missed it, here’s what DeSantis said to veteran Florida political reporter Marc Caputo about the viral photo of him going maskless while watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs battle it out for the big prize:

As usual, DeSantis minced no words and actually injected some good-natured humor into the situation. DeSantis’ comments, however, were not good enough for CNN’s editor-at-large Chris Cillizza, who turned full Karen Cillizza in an “analysis” piece in which he explained how DeSantis’ rationale was “uh, not great”:

Ha ha ha! Oh man! DeSantis really owned us mask-wearing rubes! He couldn’t drink a beer and wear a mask! Take that, jerks!

Except that, well, the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t behind us. It’s killed almost 465,000 Americans, including almost 28,000 Floridians. And one of the best — and only — ways we have to combat the virus until we reach herd immunity via the vaccine is to wear a mask.

And yet, DeSantis not only didn’t wear a mask — at least for some of the game — but also celebrated his move by somehow suggesting you can’t drink a beer and wear a mask. Fun fact: You can! Take mask down. Sip beer. Put mask back on. Repeat.

What I found especially fascinating about Karen’s piece scolding DeSantis is how, in searching CNN’s website, I could find nothing – not one thing from him nor anyone else at CNN – pitching the same fit about how Joe Biden and his family went maskless on federal property just hours after he signed an executive order on Inauguration Day mandating it. Clearly, Cillizza operates from the same “principle” the Biden administration and his CNN colleagues do in that there are special mask exceptions for Democrats who are celebrating special days that don’t apply to Republicans who act in a similar fashion.

The responses to Cillizza were lit:

Quite frankly I don’t think they even care anymore that their bias against DeSantis is so obvious. What they do seem clueless about, however, is that in their attacks on him they elevate his profile considerably and in the process endear him more and more to Republicans who are already speculating as to who might throw their hat into the ring for president in 2024.

So, uh, keep up the good work there, Chris!

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