Biden's Back to Tweeting About Unity and Healing Again, and It Goes 50 Shades of Wrong

Biden's Back to Tweeting About Unity and Healing Again, and It Goes 50 Shades of Wrong
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As we reported last week, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pressed pause on the whole unity and healing thing in order to gaslight people over the violent storming of the Capitol building by contrasting it with the violent Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots that happened over a period of several months in 2020.

They left out the whole part about last year’s “peaceful protests” being violent:

“No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,” Biden dishonestly proclaimed.

Harris threw gas on the fire as well by asserting that there were “two systems of justice” at play, “one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer.”

This, understandably, did not sit well with people who were outraged at the Capitol building riot and at the media’s/left’s inconsistency on the issue of political violence last year during the summer/autumn of riots orchestrated by left-wing radicals.

Fast forward a few days, and Joe Biden is now all of a sudden tweeting about unity and healing again – in the midst of the most massive crackdown from Big Tech on conservative speech that we have ever seen:

Newsmax anchor Heather Childers went off:

She wasn’t the only one:

The DC Examiner’s Kerry Picket pointed out that Biden’s whole unity and healing message is kinda sorta at odds with the Democrats’ agenda over the next several days:

Biden’s – and his party’s – message is inconsistent by design. Since November, they – and their media allies – have talked incessantly out of one side of their mouths about unity and healing while saying with the other side that Trump supporters must be ostracized from public life and punished.

After the Capitol riot, the mask fell completely off as many of them used what happened as an excuse to call for the purging and censoring of conservatives from social media platforms, as well as demanding the resignations of Republican House and Senate members who voiced objections to some of the Electoral College votes.

And now impeachment is on the table yet again.

Basically, all Biden has done here – and continues to do – is to say one thing and do something different when it comes to bringing the country together. You can’t credibly say “let’s come together” while at the same Democrats are not only participating in trying to purge and silence Republicans for WrongThink, but are also comparing their Republican opponents to Nazis as well as pursuing impeachment against POTUS with only a few days left in his presidency.

In reality what Biden means – and what other Democrats mean – by wanting to “move forward” and “rebuild” the country is for Republicans to shut up while Democrats ram through their radical agenda.

It’s a tried and true shutuppery tactic from the left. And it’s doomed to fail.

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