Joe Biden Reminds Everyone He's a Political Coward in Disgusting Speech

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Just in case you were waiting with baited breath for Joe Biden to weigh in further on yesterday’s rioting at the Capitol, you can stop waiting. He took the podium today to deliver yet another awful series of bumbling remarks, committing the some of the same sins he is simultaneously accusing Donald Trump of.


Prep yourselves for four years of this or however long he lasts until Kamala Harris takes over.

Actually, I can tell this mush-brained political hack that. Over the summer, we saw businesses burned and police precincts burned to the ground, federal buildings set on fire, rampant physical violence, including a multitude of murders, and much more stemming from Black Lives Matter protests. You know what police never did? Indiscriminately just start killing rioters. In fact, the police showed far more aggressiveness yesterday in the Capitol, shooting and killing a woman while arresting 52 people. By comparison, the worst day of the Minneapolis riots led to only 41 arrests. Tear gas was used yesterday. Flash bangs were used. The idea that any law enforcement figure at the Capitol yesterday went “easy” on the rioters is absolute nonsense. To couch such a lie in race-baiting the way Biden is doing here is unconscionable.

If you are going to claim that Trump complaining about an election being stolen is somehow “inciting” violence, then don’t you think Biden telling black people that cops purposely treat them differently is doing the same? We don’t even have to think about it. We know such rhetoric incites violence. We saw it all summer. Yet, Biden thinks he’s holding the moral high ground here.


What this shows is just how big of a political coward this guy is. He couldn’t be bothered to name Antifa last year when they were laying siege to a court house in Portland. In fact, he went into a debate and insisted they were just an “idea.” He certainly didn’t call out BLM rioters and looters, whose actions led to several deaths, including retired police officer David Dorn. But he’s all about throwing around the word terrorist now that it fits his political persuasion.

Honestly, it bothers me that so many in the conservative media complex somehow think Biden is fundamentally decent when he’s obviously not. He’s as inciting, baiting, and race obsessed as figures like Barack Obama were. He just does it in a much less convincing manner because he’s such a dunce.

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