Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Mocks Parler after Coordinated Big Tech to Take Down His Competition

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Big Tech has been coordinating an attack that is shutting down not just President Donald Trump from every social media platform, but many other people on the right as well, booting them from Twitter. Big Tech is also going after the site they’ve fled to, Parler, after the Twitter crackdown.


As we reported, both Apple and Google have now removed the Parler app from being accessed by people’s phones. Prior to that, Parler had been the number one free App.

Amazon has also gone after Parler as well. They are booting Parler off AWS, its web hosting service as of 11:59 p.m. tonight. So unless they can find another server, Parler is dead.

Parler CEO John Matze said they are looking and are hoping they might be able to be up again in a week or so.

So with this coordination to take down the right and any other alternative to Twitter, you would think that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would be standing up for free speech, right? Just kidding.

Not only are they cool with booting off folks on the right from their site and removing the followers from virtually every right leaning account on Twitter, they’re also cool with their competition being stomped on. Indeed, if we were looking into antitrust questions in the coordination of all this, what Jack just posted would be Exhibit #1 in that action.

Here’s Jack celebrating that instead of Parler being the number 1 App on the App Store, his Signal App private messenger is instead. With a little help from his friends.

He’s basically mocking Parler and people called him out on it.


He lies. But now they know they have the Democrats will be in power, so they think they can do anything.

When they can take out the president of the United States and Democrats cheer, they can take out anyone and they will. You can argue “start your own” as indeed Parler did. But they wouldn’t stop until they crush that too. This is about control, power and crushing the opposition.

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