Kamala Hits Pause on Unity and Healing to Flat out Gaslight on Capitol Storming and BLM Riots

AP Photo/Gerry Broome

As expected, earlier today Joe Biden and Kamala Harris publicly addressed yesterday’s storming of the Capitol and the shocking events that unfolded between the police and the protesters who broke windows and forced their way into the Capitol building.

True to form, Biden’s remarks were full of double-speak and hypocrisy, and sprinkled into all of it was a whole lot of gaslighting.

Unfortunately, the comments Harris gave were no better.

“We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer,” she stated. “We know this is unacceptable. We know we should be better than this.”


“We saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer”? This is gaslighting in the extreme for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the Capitol Hill police didn’t “let” the stormers do anything. They pushed back, and in the process a woman was killed:

Secondly, I guess she’s (conveniently) forgotten some pretty despicable events from last summer like this one, where an attempt was made by “peaceful protesters” to storm the White House:

While we’re talking about memory-holing, let’s not forget Harris’ support of the bail fund for the violent Minneapolis rioters.

Also, unlike the vast majority of the violent Antifa/BLM rioters who did “peaceful” things like burn churches, businesses, and entire city blocks to the ground, blind law enforcement officers and throw incendiary devices at federal courthouses, the perpetrators of Wednesday’s unfortunate events are going to face harsh punishment for their actions:

So let’s recap: Leftist extremists in BLM and Antifa were allowed to get away with their heinous actions, even being treated as heroes by the mainstream press and Democrats – some of who, like Harris, promoted their bail funds. On the other hand, the violent protesters from yesterday who took things way too far will have the book thrown at them, and deservedly so.

If there is any “two systems of justice” situation here, it’s unquestionably that. One set of rules for extremists on the right who do wrong, and none for BLM and Antifa rioters who terrorized entire communities for weeks on end while Dems and the media enthusiastically egged them on.

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