Joe Biden Compares Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Actual Nazis

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File

If you ever doubted what kind of a pathetic low IQ fraud Joe Biden is, let all doubt be removed. Likewise, if you under the illusion that some kind of healing and reconciliation with Democrats is possible or even desired, you need to sober up and crawl out of the gutter and take a good look at your surroundings. A short while ago, Joe Biden was getting one of his one-on-one tongue baths from some reporter whose idea of a piercing and insightful question was, “Isn’t it such a burden to be so wonderful and magnificent?”


I was sort of amazed to find out that 250 people were killed during the firebombing of Dresden but the same bunch of butt-wipes who had multiple orgasms when Trump had a typo in a tweet will totally ignore the fact that Biden is obviously demented. It was also interesting to hear what Mitt Romney is saying to Biden behind the scenes because do you have any doubt at all that it was Mitt Romney he was quoting?

Hawley is right about this. This behavior is disgusting but it is to be expected. We knew Joe Biden was sliding into that gentle twilight of dementia when he was elected. We knew he gave all the appearances of being a sexual pervert with his groping and sniffing of women of all ages. We knew he headed up a family that, though nominally Catholic, had actually made a religious practice of using Joe’s influence to generate cashflow for his brother and kids. His resorting to slander is actually something of a step up in terms of his behavior.

But, as the man used to say, there is more.

As I noted this morning (see Chris Coons Demands Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz Resign and We Should All Be Worried) the Democrats have their very own Nacht der langen Messer in the works against Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Since I wrote that, more senators have started parrotting the same line.


They are targeting Cruz and Hawley because they are conservatives, because they can make their case effectively in any forum, and because both have the potential to emerge as leaders of the Trump coalition. The attacks are just starting and just like the real Nazis, the Democrats aren’t going to stop until forced to do so.


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