CNN's Chris Cuomo Has Meltdown Over Marco Rubio Tweet About Lockdowns, It Didn't Go Well

CNN's Chris Cuomo Has Meltdown Over Marco Rubio Tweet About Lockdowns, It Didn't Go Well
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Of all the “journalists” in the mainstream media but especially at CNN, Chris Cuomo is the last – and I do mean the absolute last person – who should be barking out hypocrisy accusations against Republicans about coronavirus messaging and for allegedly not speaking out during the pandemic when it might be politically inconvenient.

But because Cuomo’s mouth is inarguably bigger than his brain (and other things, most likely), that’s exactly what he did over the weekend in response to a tweet from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on how people were fed up with being ordered to stay home and keep their business shuttered by the same Democratic “leaders” who have routinely refused to follow their own rules while continuing to get paid for it:

While we’ve all had our disagreements with Rubio in the past, he is right on the money here. From California Democrats like the pompous Gov. Gavin Newsom and the finger-wagging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, all the way across the country to Democrats like NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and RI Gov. Gina Raimondo, Democrats in positions of great power and influence have used those powers to mandate back-breaking government restrictions on average Americans during the Wuhan virus crisis all while doing something different behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling.

But that’s not how King Cuomo’s little brother Chris views things. Instead of grasping the point behind Rubio’s tweet, which was that the little people were suffering while Democrats went out for wine-tastings, Cuomo – who has not lost a single day’s pay as a result of the pandemic and who has had to make no sacrifices beyond living in his “man cave” basement for a few days, had this to say in response:

If there ever was a “dude, sit down and STFU” moment on Twitter, this was it:

The unhinged point here from Cuomo, his colleagues Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, and others seems to be that Republicans who have allegedly “broken the rules” and not gone full metal lockdown Democrat during the pandemic don’t deserve to get the vaccine before everyone else does.

So if that’s the case, I assume Chris Cuomo won’t be getting the vaccine for a long time, either, right? Because the very definition of Wuhan virus hypocrite applies to him. Oh, that’s right, he’ll probably be among the first thanks to his, ya know, special connections with the governor, the same governor who allowed Chris Cuomo a pass when he broke the COVID lockdown rules in his state while others got punished, the same governor who Cuomo routinely had on his show for puff piece segments where no adversarial questions were asked about his disastrous handling of the pandemic in his state.

Imagine being the guy who broke quarantine and whose brother forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients lecturing anyone else on supposedly “ignoring the right messaging” and doing “nothing to check” the alleged “deceit” from politicians who were and are making all the rules when it comes to how to manage the pandemic?

That’s Chris Cuomo for you. Mouth always overloading his circuits and all that. Bless his heart.

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