This Is CNN: Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta Try Pathetic Dunks on Trump Over Vaccine, the Responses Were Brutal

This Is CNN: Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta Try Pathetic Dunks on Trump Over Vaccine, the Responses Were Brutal
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We reported this morning about how left-wing commentators and their unhinged celebrity pals were reaching for the absolute bottom of the barrel in their cheap shots on Republican members of the House and Senate who were getting the coronavirus vaccine.

But while their fantasizing about how some of the Republicans receiving the vaccine might have an allergic reaction to it was bad enough, what was arguably worse was how some in the supposedly objective mainstream media stooped to new but predictable lows in basically suggesting that President Trump and other Republican officials should have to wait to get the vaccine until after everyone else has.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the two most out-front “reporters” voicing their displeasure over how the vaccine was currently being distributed both work for CNN in high-profile, on-camera roles.

“The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper weighed in on Saturday with this sizzling hot take:

His partner-in-crime and fellow performance “journalist” Jim Acosta took it even further, proclaiming that there was something wrong in America when “Trump enablers” are allowed to get dosages of the vaccine before the rest of America:

You literally cannot win with these people. If you’re a Republican who takes the vaccine, you are jumping in line and don’t deserve it because Orange Man Bad. But according to others in the media, if Republicans like Trump don’t take the vaccine, they’re supposedly not helping people because they’re not showing people that it’s ok to take.

As you might imagine, the responses to Acosta’s and Tapper’s disgusting tweets were brutal:

Here’s a suggestion for the Jim Acostas and Jake Tappers of the world: Since networks like theirs amplified and spread the politically-motivated skepticism from Democrats like Kamala Harris and their media colleagues on the safety of the vaccine prior to the election, maybe it’s them who should sit out getting their dosages of it in order to prove they believe what they said about its “questionable safety” prior to Election Day.

But they won’t, because they never did really believe it. It was a disgusting tactic they used in concert with Democrats for months in order to deliberately undermine public confidence in the vaccine. Not only that, but they should spare us all the lectures about Republicans allegedly helping “spread the virus” when it was the mainstream media and Democrats who were the biggest cheerleaders for the “peaceful protesters” who lined up in crowded streets week after week at the same time the media/left were in full scale “Republicans are grandma killers for wanting to help people get back to work” mode.

That’s where the real “deformity” in Washington, D.C. resides – with “journalists” like Acosta and Tapper who will literally say and do anything to advance left-wing agendas, including having one standard for Republicans and no standards for themselves and the politicians and activists they support.

And yet they still wonder why so few people trust them?

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