Let Them Eat Cake...At The French Laundry

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King Governor Gavin Newsom is a liar and a hypocrite and his deceptions are aided by a fawning, colluding California press that consistently chooses access over truth.


Last week Newsom and the state he presides over was the subject of pervasive ridicule after he released his new rules for Thanksgiving gatherings. The rules include ridiculous edicts like single-serving meals, dining outdoors, replacing masks in between bites, and limiting attendance to “no more than three separate households.” We can also sing or chant but only if we wear masks and only if we keep the volume to the level of a soft, inside-speaking voice. If you play an instrument, you’re in luck…instruments are allowed. However, wind instruments are not.

I wish I were joking.

It was nervy to drop these restrictions and not expect immediate ridicule, but what was even more bold was that even as the restrictions were being disseminated the Governor himself attended a (mask free) birthday dinner at The French Laundry, a pricey and elite restaurant in Napa Valley.  To add insult to injury, top doctors from the California Medical Association – the group responsible for advising Newsom on COVID restrictions – joined him.

Newsom’s half-hearted “apology” was the just the cherry topper on the birthday cake.

While we peasants are busy spitting and hissing at each other over when and where you should wear a mask, our betters in government are laughing as they stuff their faces with expensive ice cream, flout restrictions to get their hair done or take out their yachts, travel to Maui for Very Important Conferences™ and celebrate life events with extravagant parties in the venues of their choosing.


Meanwhile, the peasant class has had to miss funerals, births, and family events. Thousands of Americans have had to cope with the agony of helplessly letting their elderly loved ones die isolated and alone. Thousands more have watched their children sink into depression and loneliness while regressing in the education we’ve been told is vital to their futures.

If people seem crazy about COVID restrictions it’s because nothing makes sense. The responses don’t match the numbers and the actions of our betters in government sure as hell don’t match up with what they’re saying when they bitch at you for wanting to send your kid to school.

Everything seems like a conspiracy when the people in charge refuse to follow their own edicts.

The elite class despises the rest of America, even their own supporters and voters. They think of our lives as simply a means to an end in their own lives. The reason Newsom can party at The French Laundry while simultaneously telling you eat outside this Thanksgiving is that he genuinely believes his life is more valuable than yours.

The reason those California politicians can attend a conference Malibu while everyone else has been forced to cancel their conferences until well into 2021 is because they genuinely believe their work is more valuable than yours.

The environmental elitists in Hollywood do the same thing every year when they fly their private jets and take their giant yachts to their yearly climate change summits while telling the rest of us we need to curb our travel and our breathing to save Mother Earth. They use the resource equivalent of a million people in 3 days and then hiss at the rest of us using gas to get to work. They do it because they genuinely believe that your life is small and meaningless, and their lives are important enough to break the rules.


That is how every single socialist thinks, even the poor ones. Everyone thinks it’s someone else’s job to “do the right thing” and if they break the rules just one or two times it’s only because they deserve to. The very act of signaling their virtue through a hashtag or an extra recycling bin is enough to grant them immunity from their own insane rules.

Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Whitmer and even guys like Chris Christie (remember #beachgate?)- hell maybe almost everyone in the upper echelons of government at this point – think that they are entitled to the perks of the American Dream and the rest of us are just the servants that make it happen for them.

Despite how much we all snark about it on social media, Americans are not idiots. There are idiot Americans, but most Americans don’t expect much from their government, just for things to make sense.

Newsom and Pelosi scold the rest of us for wanting to run our businesses and send our kids to school, but they hope none of us will take the time to actually parse out their logic. To be fair, many don’t but with incidents like Newsom’s most recent birthday party it becomes harder and harder for the general public to be shielded from logic. Newsom’s (and Pelosi’s) defense for their violations was that at the time of those violations the current restrictions were not in place so they did nothing wrong.


Seriously? Either this virus is dangerous or it isn’t. A new law doesn’t change the severity of a virus.

There can be only two logical conclusions here: Either Newsom and his cohorts are lying to us about the severity of the virus and transmissions or they’re not lying and just don’t care about all the people they’re killing.

Either way, they’re thumbing their noses at the people they’re supposed to be serving and laughing about it over champagne and pricey ice cream.

Let them eat cake at The French Laundry.



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