Reporter 'Rages' Over Large Gathering, What Happens Next Exposes the 'Entire Problem of Journalism'

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That the mainstream media is obsessed with COVID shaming is not exactly breaking news.

There have been numerous, well-documented instances of media figures at “news” outlets from CNN to MSNBC to PBS and beyond giving “peaceful protesters” and Democratic election revelers a complete pass on taking to crowded streets to march and celebrate in the middle of a pandemic while at the same time accusing Reopen demonstrators, beachgoers, and people who want to gather with their families at the holidays of being “grandma killers” who want to spread the coronavirus.


But as is often the case when exposing media bias, sometimes the double standards they display are not always in what they do say but instead in what they don’t.

Case in point, Axios editor Dan Primack, who became triggered while taking a walk on Thanksgiving day at the sight of a large number of cars parked in front of a home, and one he says he “knows” has kids who attend a local school:

Spectator contributor Stephen Miller took note of the tweet and did a scan of Primack’s Twitter feed. What did he find? Not a single instance where Primack had anything at all to say about the gathering limits hypocrisy of Democratic politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and others:


Primack responded by stating that he didn’t like what they did, either, as though that absolved him of any previous journalistic malpractice on the matter:

But as Miller correctly pointed out, Primack – as has been the case with so many others in the MSM – didn’t see fit to comment about the hypocrisy of those politicians when it mattered. Instead, he only did so after being called out over it and only after the stories were already yesterday’s news:

Primack’s defensive reply spoke volumes as to just how badly Miller’s point flew completely over his head:

Miller then proceeded to unload, ripping Primack for doing as so many others in the media have by COVID shaming private citizens on their respective Twitter feeds while failing to utter one damned word of criticism about the Democratic politicians who have actually dictated public policy on these matters:


If you’re a journalist and you’re going to walk by some random person’s house and then complain on Twitter about what you saw, you better make danged sure you’ve reported on/weighed in on the Democratic policymakers who don’t practice what they preach on following CDC guidelines and government mandates, because otherwise, you’ll be exposed a liberal hack who is okay with government “leaders” having one set of rules for the common folk, and no set of rules for themselves.

Primack 100% deserved to have his patootie handed to him here. The rampant virtue signaling and COVID shaming among journalists has gotten beyond tiresome, and they deserve to be called out on their double standards and liberal biases every single time.


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