Andrew Cuomo Sets Hypocrisy Meters on Fire With His Thanksgiving Plans

Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

Andrew Cuomo’s performance during the current COVID pandemic has been absolutely abysmal. Instead of flattening the curve, Cuomo’s state shot up a peak that mimicked Mount Everest before tumbling down the other side. Somehow, the New York governor decided that was actually a success. Not shockingly, the press have gone along with it, praising him as a pristine example of leadership on the coronavirus.


Of course, like most Democrat officials, Cuomo has also been shown to be a massive hypocrite. While he’s got no problem targeting Orthodox Jews, he’s remained silent on the recent Biden dance parties in the streets, as well as all forms of liberal protest over the last year.

Now, as if to make sure that we understood how big of a hypocrite he truly is, Cuomo is having his 89-year-old mother and his daughters in town for Thanksgiving.

Just today, Cuomo was preaching to others about the dangers of gathering with family during the holidays. RedState’s Sister Toldjah reported on that in detail, noting Janice Dean’s rightfully apoplectic response.


You got that? You need to go out there and be safe, keeping your community safe by isolating yourself this Thanksgiving. Having people come from out of town is an especially frowned upon practice, at least according to our Democrat betters.

Yet, here’s Cuomo shipping in his 89-year-old mother for Turkey and dressing or whatever his Italian family eats on Thanksgiving (turkey is trash meat, so I actually envy those with less traditional menus for the holidays). Remember, people over 75 are at an extraordinarily higher risk of death and complications from the virus. But let’s also remember that the virus has been deemed woke, therefore Democrat politicians and their families must be immune.

Perhaps voters in some of these Democrat-run states will wake up one day and realize they are being played. It’s truly a “rules for thee but not for me” scenario. We’ve seen it with Governors Whitmer and Murphy as well, among others. These “leaders” truly believe they are simply above you.


Welp, looks like Cuomo decided being a massive hypocrite wasn’t a good look. He’s canceling his plans.


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