Democrat Tries COVID-Shaming Republican Councilman Over Tgiving Plans, Then Tables Are Turned in Epic Fashion

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With some Democrat-run states including mine (North Carolina), California, and New York implementing draconian measures limiting indoor gatherings to 10 people or less here at the holidays, some Republicans are choosing to openly defy the autocratic governors who’ve put such “rules” in place.


One Republican who has made clear in no uncertain terms that his family will be getting together in a group of more than 10 for Thanksgiving is Republican New York City Councilman Joe Borelli.

After King Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) recently decreed that indoor gatherings of more than 10 people would not be allowed even in private residences, Borelli took to the Twitter machine to announce what his Thanksgiving plans were:

Predictably, Borelli’s declaration greatly triggered Democrats like MSNBC’s hypocritical “All In” host Chris Hayes, who virtue signaled in response about how Republicans were supposedly on “the side of the virus” now and were allegedly “actively trying to spread it”:


Fellow New York City Councilman Brad Lander (D) also stepped forward in an effort to COVID-shame his colleague, snidely insinuating that by noting he was going to be gathering his extended family together for the holiday that Borelli was trying to kill people or something:

A day before that, Lander discouraged indoor gatherings:

But two days after Lander tried to portray Borelli as a grandma killer, Borelli struck back in epic fashion, pointing out that apparently, the COVID rules Democrats like Lander demand everyone else follow apparently didn’t apply to him:


Here’s a bigger picture of the indoor campaign event where Lander made a guest appearance:


Borelli also wrote an op/ed that appeared in the NY Daily News today in which he addressed Gov. Cuomo directly:

Uncle Bill was a Navy frogman, the precursor to the SEALs, and on every holiday, he regales our family with tales from the Korean War and of his sailor’s appreciation for the fine ladies of Anchorage. He is the 11th member of my extended family, and when he comes to my home, he will have a place set at the Borelli family Thanksgiving table regardless of whether Gov. Cuomo or Mayor de Blasio approves.

Let me be clear about this: Government should have no role in determining how many family members you may lawfully have in your own home. Not even in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Suggestions, recommendations or guidelines are all fine, but our governor’s and mayor’s new regulation requiring 10 or fewer people in a private residence crosses a line. My family, my house, and, so long as we obey fire and zoning codes, my rules.

Besides, you try telling Uncle Bill to shelter from a virus.


New York Post contributor Karol Markowicz, who also resides in New York and who is also fed up to HERE with Gov. Cuomo’s dictatorial mandates and coronavirus double standards, sarcastically pointed out to Borelli the reason why it was “okay” for Lander to do an end-run around the “rules” but not him and his family:

But perhaps it was Borelli’s initial reply to Lander that was the most cutting on a man-to-man level:


New York Republicans have got some fight in ’em. I dig it. Bigly.

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