MSNBC's Chris Hayes Calls for 'Virtual Thanksgivings', the Responses Were Absolutely Brutal

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Calls for 'Virtual Thanksgivings', the Responses Were Absolutely Brutal
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There are way too many instances of Democrat/media hypocrisy on the issue of wearing masks and social distancing during the Wuhan virus pandemic to list here, so I’ll just reference a few of them before we get started on Chris Hayes.

There has been the repeated mask hypocrisy of CNN resident tough guy Chris Cuomo, starting all the way back in April and continuing up until at least August, if not later. There was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s maskless visit to a San Francisco hair salon on the same day she lectured President Trump and other Republicans for not wearing masks and not social distancing at the RNC.

Then there has been the Grand Poobah of it all when it comes to Democratic hypocrisy on following CDC guidelines: Chris Cuomo’s big brother NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo who, among other things, went on a “victory tour” of sorts over the summer and visited Georgia – where he treated his own mask-wearing as, ahem, optional. There are many more examples where that came from as well.

MSNBC’s “All In” host Chris Hayes is another on the list who has one set of rules for everyone else, and one for him and his fellow Democrats. As my RedState colleague Bonchie reported over the weekend, Hayes apparently forgot his previous declarations about how we must be extra safe because COVID is not going away, Trump has failed us on the Wuhan virus, etc etc, to encourage Democrats to take to the streets for dance parties to celebrate the Biden-Harris campaign’s alleged “victory.”

While Hayes did encourage parties to “wear masks”, previous experience at covering these types of Democrat-led events should have provided a few clues to him that not everyone would.

Fast forward just a few days later, and now Hayes is back to being super-worried about the virus. So worried, in fact, that he’s all but demanding a national mandate from the president he has previously labeled a “dictator” to make all Thanksgivings “virtual” this year:

Yeah … no. Not only is the mandate/messaging from the White House not happening on this, but considering all the phony sanctimony from leftists like Hayes this year where they lecture one group but give the other a pass, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the only people who are taking him seriously on this are the people who will hold their own massive gatherings in private while virtue signaling in public about the “need” to limit get-togethers:

Related to all of this, apparently, Chris’ plea for Democrat street partiers to wear masks went unheeded:

New Yorker Karol Markowicz, who has had it up to HERE with her state’s governor’s double standards on keeping yourself and your family safe in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, had some great advice:

You could also tell them you’re holding a “peaceful protest” at your home. I mean if such excuses work for Democrats like Chris Hayes, they should work for everyone else, too.

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