Chris Hayes' COVID Shot and Chaser Is the Dumbest Thing You'll See Today

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I’ve got good news everyone. COVID is miraculously over, at least in so far as the breathless media coverage chastising anyone who dares to gather in groups with other people. Of course, that chastisement has only ever really been pointed at those who aren’t sufficiently woke. If you march with Black Lives Matter, COVID has been over for you for a very long time.


So while CNN actually wrote a piece on Mark Meadows not wearing a mask this morning, even though he’s immune having already had the disease, they’ve said absolutely nothing about Chuck Schumer doing this.

With the rank hypocrisy abounding, it was only a matter of time before we got some really ridiculous shot and chasers from our media betters. Sure enough, Chris Hayes provided today’s award for the dumbest thing you’ll see.

Hayes went from COVID IS NOT OVER!!! FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP!!! to lauding Biden dance parties in no time flat, didn’t he? It’s amazing. The same people who five minutes ago were predicting the end of society as the dark winter aproacheth are now fine with massive street gatherings because this was never really about the disease. This was always about the orange man being bad.

And with the orange man possibly losing the White House by hook or by crook, CNN, MSNBC, and the like have no reason to keep promoting COVID. After all, Biden will have to own the consequences now, at least to the extent that the media don’t relentlessly try to cover for him. I give it three days after the inauguration before CNN’s coronavirus tracker disappears. Remember under George W. Bush when they’d have troop death tickers? Then Barack Obama was elected and those just went away despite far more troops dying during that time period? The same thing is going to happen here.


I also like the stupid suggestion by some that these gatherings are ok because some people are wearing masks. If masks did 1/10th of what they are claimed to do, Europe wouldn’t be seeing a massive second wave right now. Cheap cloth on your face is not a magical shield against the virus and never has been. But that’s another avenue the media will use. They’ll just claim that mask wearing makes everything better when it objectively doesn’t.

The gaslighting is only growing more intense. If Biden is indeed sworn in, you can expect it to reach the brightness of a thousand suns. Buckle up.

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