'Reporter' Takes a Moment to Give a Joe Biden Fashion Update, Kayleigh McEnany Responds Accordingly

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Not that it wasn’t crystal clear before Election Day, but in the weeks since, the mainstream media has dropped any lingering pretense of objectivity in their “reporting.” We’ve seen examples galore of what state-run TV is likely to look like under a possible Biden-Harris administration from media performance artists like PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor to CNN’s Brian Stelter and his colleague Jake Tapper, just to name a few.


Though there’s obviously a helluva a lot going on in this country right now, like the Wuhan virus pandemic, the heated debate over draconian lockdowns, President Trump’s legal challenges on the election results and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s prospective cabinet picks, some “reporters” are taking a moment to give us the even more crucial updates on Joe Biden and his cabinet choices.

For example, there was Bloomberg News political reporter Jennifer Epstein, who provided us with the all-important update on Biden’s sock selection during a public appearance he did Monday:

Making matters even worse for Epstein was her cutesy exchange with Biden senior advisor Symone Sanders:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called her out on it, complete with an eyeroll. The only thing that would have made it better would be had it happened in a formal press briefing setting where we could play the video on an endless loop afterwards:


#WalkAway campaign founder Brandon Straka also took Epstein to the woodshed, pointing out that when it came to actual substantive reporting that painted the former vice president in an unflattering light, she seemed – shall we say – less inclined to participate:

The bigger question in all of this is who did it better? Jennifer Epstein or CNN national political reporter Maeve Reston, who gushed like a fashion beat writer at one point during a campaign stop last year in South Carolina while covering Kamala Harris’ presidential bid:

Political reporter or fashion consultant? We report, you decide.

Sadly, Epstein wasn’t the only one. Here’s Washington Post national political reporter Matt Viser “reporting” on how Biden’s secretary of state pick Antony Blinken might “resume” John Kerry’s “practice” of taking a guitar with him on overseas trips:


Such hard-hitting journalism. If they awarded Pulitizer Prizes for tweets, both Epstein and Viser would easily be top contenders for the honor.

Oh well. At least we’re not getting “news” segments on the number of ice cream scoops President Trump prefers. If one sets the bar low, this is an improvement over that, I guess.

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