Facts First: Tom Cotton Takes Aim at Joe Biden's Prospective Cabinet Picks, No Punches Are Pulled

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) long ago established himself as a straight shooter, a man who minced no words.

So it was 100% understandable that he saw fit on Tuesday to take to the Twitter machine in order to drop a few inconvenient but much-needed reality checks on the many swooners in the mainstream media and on the left (yeah, I know – same thing) who have all but declared Joe Biden’s prospective cabinet picks as being the bee’s knees, as the greatest cabinet selections since, ya know, the Obama administration.

They’re treating them that way for two reasons, of course. The first one being that they really do think they’re all that and a bag of chips. The second one is that, well, a lot of them are Obama-Biden administration retreads, so much so that it would appear that the pre-election speculation among political observers on both sides of the aisle that a Biden victory would usher in a “third Obama term” was pretty close to being right on the money, assuming current election results hold.

Before we get to Cotton’s smackdown, let’s take a quick look at just how predictably nauseating the salivating has been in media/left-wing circles:

ABC chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz illustrated her coziness with The Swamp, gushing over how Biden’s team was “the least flashy team you could possibly get” but “deeply experienced,” “humble, and they are lifelong public servants.”


Marveling over DNI pick Avril Haines, chief anchor and former Clinton flack George Stephanopoulos hailed her as having “talk[ed] about truth to power and the independence, not a policymaking community. We know they’ve been under siege for the last four years.”


Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl continued the lunacy, bragging that it symbolized “a mainstream, experienced cabinet.”


NBC correspondent Geoff Bennett read from the same sheet music, insisting that the “stagecraft” of the event and the group’s “a range of diverse backgrounds, skill sets, ages, a range of diverse lived experiences” would help Americans “buy into” the Biden administration …

And that wasn’t all. Watch the video below for a full round-up of spinsanity from supposedly “objective” media figures about Biden’s choices. State-run TV, anyone?

Not so fast, tweeted Cotton, who proceeded to correct the record on numerous fronts:

All that was missing was the mic-drop.

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