Jake Tapper Becomes Triggered by 'CNN Is Not a News Organization' Claim, Then Receipts Get Dropped

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Though much is still unsettled from last week’s presidential election, one thing that has been settled in the aftermath beyond a shadow of a doubt is the fact that CNN is not a news organization.


As I’ve previously noted, “The Lead” host Jake Tapper has endorsed the idea of an “Enemies List” of sorts that targets Trump officials and rank and file Trump supporters alike for shunning and ostracization from polite society. His colleagues Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta have taken to calling President Trump an “obese turtle” and “sore loser”, respectively.

Anchor Don Lemon has boasted about dropping his Trump-supporting friends because they simply can’t handle his political brilliance or something. Chief media correspondent Brian Stelter is chomping at the bit over the possibility that “normal relations” between the White House and the pres corps would be resumed under a (possible) Biden-Harris administration. Tough guy Chris Cuomo is even issuing veiled physical threats to Republicans.

While there are many more examples along those lines, I think those alone prove the point. But the examples keep adding up, as Real Clear Politics co-founder and president Tom Bevan pointed out in a recent retweet of a tweet which noted that CNN was keeping a list of its own of Republican Senators who have failed to congratulate Joe Biden for claiming victory (even as the Trump campaign is mounting lawsuits alleging mail-in ballot fraud and poll-worker errors in several states):

Predictably, this triggered CNN’s most super-sensitive-to-criticism anchor Jake Tapper, who proceeded to take a cheap shot at Bevan over an issue with which RCP had corrected and apologized over (which Tapper lied about in this tweet and subsequent tweets):


It was then Bevan dropped receipt after receipt on Tapper, backing up his claims on how CNN was not a news organization, and throwing in some bonus receipts that focused specifically on Tapper’s starring role in the network’s dramatic decline:

Tapper then continued to lie about Bevan and RCP:

Bevan then proceeded to drop more receipts, this time about his website and how – contra to what Tapper lied about – RCP had updated the piece in question and apologized three months ago:


Tapper did not respond and had moved on at that point, presumably because he realized he’d just been nuked into oblivion.

While Tapper had been known to go off the deep end a bit prior to the election, his post-election transformation into a complete lapdog for the Biden-Harris campaign has been quite remarkable. Bevan was right on the money in his claims about both Tapper and the network that proclaims to operate on a “Facts First” basis. We’ve documented it extensively here.

Perhaps what angered Tapper so much was not the fact that the comment was made – after all, many people say that about CNN on a daily basis, including yours truly and many of my colleagues here at RedState – but because it came from someone who is well-respected in the media/polling industries, and hit a little too close to the mark for Tapper’s comfort.

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