Don Lemon Competes With Chris Cuomo for 'Jerk of the Year' Award in Rant on Dumping Trump-Supporting Friends

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Let’s be honest. Don Lemon could probably never beat Chris Cuomo in a dumbbell lifting competition, but when it comes to competing for the “Jerk of the Year” award, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s little brother has unquestionably got some stiff competition.


Just a couple of days after his CNN colleague got his pompous a** handed to him on live TV by Trump campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh, Lemon went on a wild diatribe during the nightly program handoff in which he actually bragged about dumping his Trump-supporting friends due to political disagreement.

The issue, you see, is that Lemon is so very much smarter, wiser, and “in the know” than the ignorant rubes he knows in the red states he’s lived in. And he’s been patient, so very patient with those to who he presents “facts” but who nevertheless refuse to budge on their positions. Lemon’s patience with those inferior to him, as we’ve learned over the last few years, has its limits however.

After Cuomo was done borderline yelling about how the coronavirus outbreaks were now (allegedly) happening at Trump rallies and red states (he left out the “second wave” outbreaks taking place in solidly blue states like California and here in the purple state of NC), Lemon sighed before beginning his rant as though it pained him to have to say what he was getting ready to reveal.

“You know what the sad thing is? And I’ll be honest with you. I have many people who I love in my life,” Lemon proclaimed, looking somber. “And yeah, I come from a red state. I’ve lived in several red states.” But because some of them don’t buy The Truths™ Lemon is selling, he’s had to reluctantly make the heartbreaking decision to let them go in hopes they’ll one day come off of their cocaine-like “addiction” to Trump and the Republican party:


“I had to get rid of them because they’re too far gone,” Lemon said to Cuomo of his Trump-supporting friends. “I try and I try and I try, they say something really stupid and then I’ll show them the science and I’ll give them the information, and they still repeat those talking points.

“I had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you’ve just got to let them go. I think they have to hit rock bottom like an addict, right? And they have to want to get help, they have to want to know the truth, they have to want to live in reality, they have to want to be responsible not only for other people’s lives but for their lives.”

“It is so sad,” Lemon went on to say. “And I don’t know if after this, I will ever be able to go back and be friends with those people, because at a certain point you just say, ‘They’re too far gone and I got to let them go.'”

But the ever so gracious Lemon did throw his former red state friends a bone. “And if they’re willing to come back and willing to live in reality, then I will welcome them with open arms. But I can’t – I can’t do it anymore.”



A couple of Twitter observations before I give my .02:

You know, I get that some political disagreements are going to inevitably change relationships if not outright break some of them. It’s an unfortunate part of the times we live in. But basically what Lemon is saying here is he doesn’t want anyone in his life who disagrees with him politically because they don’t deserve the pleasure of his company or whatever.

What a lonely life that must be, not to mention highly intolerant – which is kinda ironic coming from a “COEXIST!” news anchor who used to preach about “tolerance, love and compassion” before he tested positive for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

At the end of the day, when we turn off the 24-7 news networks, click out of social media, and put down our phones, we still have family members and neighbors and co-workers who we need to be able to get along with despite political differences. It’s a sad and miserable person who chooses to live in a bubble where only those who agree with their points of view are allowed in while all others are cast out.


Don’t be like Don Lemon. Seriously, don’t be.

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