In Which Joy Reid Demonstrates She Should Probably Sit out Future Discussions on SCOTUS Nominees


As is the case with “principled” Washington Post NeverTrumper columnist Jennifer Rubin, it’s easy to dunk on MSNBC’s Joy Reid. So easy, in fact, that it might seem cruel or redundant to keep pointing out when she says something especially stupid and/or ignorant.

But seeing as though Reid was given the opportunity from MSNBC earlier this year to expand her platform from just the weekend to five nights a week, she’s definitely owed a call-out when she commences in making a complete fool of herself (more so than she usually does, anyway).

Such was the case on Tuesday night, in the immediate aftermath of Justice Clarence Thomas administering the constitutional oath to Amy Coney Barrett not long after the Senate voted to confirm her in a 52-48 vote.

It all started after Washington Monthly contributor and “elected DNC member” David Atkins melted down on Twitter over the proceedings that took place that night, whining something something about how it took “no genius to do” what McConnell had done in getting Justice Barrett confirmed and sworn into office. “It just took shamelessness and disregard for the consequences,” Atkins huffed indignantly in a multi-tweet mini-rant:

In popped Reid to give her “amen” to the tweet, except she was off a bit, as you’ll see once you read her sizzling hot take on it:

“All it took was three people to die”?? Um, methinks Anthony Kennedy would like a word (and while we’re talking about it, someone might want to check on him right about now!).

About the best defense that anyone could come up with for Ms. Reid in the aftermath was that she might have actually been talking about comedian George Lopez:

There was also this “defense”, as unflattering as it was:

This is true. Very true.

The good news is that, though she left the erroneous tweet up, 12 hours later she corrected herself – and yet still she was more than a bit off the mark:

She makes it sound like Justice Anthony Kennedy “conveniently retired” so as to give a guy he probably despised a chance to nominate his replacement to the court. LOL. Will those who believe that’s why Kennedy did what he did raise their hands right now, please?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

In any event, it might be a good idea for Reid to sit out future discussions on Supreme Court nominations and related matters on that front – or maybe not, considering the comedic value she brings to the discussion if nothing else.

Keep on keepin’ on, Joy! “Hacked” Twitter account or not. 😉

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