Joy Reid Tries to Push Back on Trump's Comments About the BLM, But Gets Buried When She Tells a Ridiculous Lie

Joy Reid Tries to Push Back on Trump's Comments About the BLM, But Gets Buried When She Tells a Ridiculous Lie

Another one of the issues that came up during the debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was the issue of Black Lives Matter.

Trump explained how he first came to know of the group from the chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” that they’ve made, which is essentially advocating for the killing of police and putting them in body bags.

Why it was especially poignant for folks from New York like Trump was because a man who assassinated two, NYPD police officers in December 2014 used similar terms about police, and had been involved in BLM protests.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid then tried to dispute what Trump said about the BLM group.

But here’s evidence of the chant.

She also said something completely incredible, that “There is absolutely zero, none, zero evidence that Black Lives Matter has ever pushed for anything violent, pushed for anything violent to happen to police.”

Has she been asleep since the inception of the BLM movement? This, of course, is patently false.

Hundreds of police/federal agents have been attacked during the hundreds of riots connected to the BLM. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, they burnt down the 3rd Precinct police headquarters. In Portland and Seattle, for example, BLM/Antifa people have repeatedly attacked police facilities.

BLM people have repeatedly chanted, “Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground!”

The idea that the BLM are just these nice folks who really only want police to treat black folks better is just counter the facts that we have all been watching on multiple videos for months, and really, for years. But Joy Reid is just trying to spin it for her audience, who hasn’t been as informed as we have been, to attack the president. But it’s incredible that she would try to push such lies, given the facts.

There are literally so many examples, we could pick virtually anything. Warning for language.

Even country singer Travis Tritt ripped Reid for suggesting we shouldn’t believe the evidence of our own eyes.

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