#Journalism: Take a Look at How 'Reporters' Just Flat Out Gaslit Readers About Biden's 'George' Flub Today

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With just 8 days to go before election day, the mainstream media is doing nothing whatsoever to undercut accusations that they’re carrying tankers full of water for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign down the homestretch. In fact, they’re feeding into the widespread belief – and they don’t even seem to care.


Case in point: Joe Biden’s “George” flub from over the weekend.

Before we get into the insane gaslighting so-called “objective” journalists have engaged in on the story today, let’s first briefly recap what happened and literally roll the tape just so you can get a good idea of just how much of an insult what they’re doing right now is to the average American voter’s intelligence.

As I wrote earlier, Biden and his wife Jill spoke during a star-studded “I Will Vote” concert that was held on his campaign’s behalf Sunday.

At one point, the Democratic presidential nominee talked about the importance of this election, how it was about the character of the country and the candidates, etc. But as he continued on, Biden forgot President Trump’s name. Instead, Biden called him “George”, presumably a reference to former President George W. Bush (or maybe his father the late President George H.W. Bush).

“What kind of country we’re gonna be? Four more years of George, ah, George, ah, he ah… [we’re] gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we’re gonna be in a different world,” Biden stated in a video clip that has now gone viral.

Watch it and see for yourself:


He very clearly said “Four more years OF George, ah, George, ah, he ah …” You can even look at his mouth and see he said “OF”, not “ah.”

The reason this is such an important distinction to make is because Washington Post “reporter” Dave Weigel took to Twitter today in response to the story to bizarrely suggest the “George” Biden was referring to was left-wing “comedian” George Lopez, who was helping moderate the virtual event:

This is Aaron Rupar-level BS, because clearly Biden said “of” in the clip – and last I checked, nobody was worried about four more years of George Lopez.

Nevertheless, Weigel went on to try and shame the TODAY show for filing a report on Biden confusing Trump with George Bush.

Weigel’s ironic campaign of disinformation worked to perfection in Media World, because not only did CNN’s Jake Tapper run with Weigel’s hot take…

… so did Weigel’s notoriously dishonest “fact-checking” WaPo colleague Glenn Kessler, who predictably RT’d Tapper and rushed to “correct the record” in a fact-check posted to the paper’s website today. In addition to that, Kessler praised the TODAY show for caving to the media mob “acknowledg[ing] when they make a mistake”:


As did CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter here and here:

Nope, he said “four more years OF”, as the video clearly shows. Plus, the next words out of Biden’s mouth were about what he felt would happen if Trump (not George Lopez) got re-elected for four more years.

A few brave souls in the media took issue with Weigel’s and Tapper’s takes, including National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar and former CNN producer Steve Krakauer:

But by that point, the truth didn’t matter to the shamelessly pro-Biden media as the false narrative that the Trump campaign lied about what Biden said took root.


This guy had the best response to all the nonsense:

There’s more where that came from here.

I’ve seen plenty of clips where Biden and Trump both were taken out of context. But unlike the case has been with the deceptive Trump clips from hacks like Vox’s Rupar that get uncritically amplified by media figures like Kessler, Tapper, and others, the media seems keen to only “correct the record” when it comes to Biden allegedly being taken out of context or otherwise supposedly being misrepresented.

It’s like clockwork. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Except, in this case, the fuller exchange didn’t “prove” Biden was actually talking about George Lopez.

What Weigel, Tapper, Kessler, Stelter and all the rest did prove here, however, is they are willing to treat their readers and viewers like complete idiots by blatantly lying and proclaiming Biden said one thing even though the video footage clearly shows he said something else.


It’s Hillary 2016 all over again. Reporters going to the mat in an effort to drag their preferred presidential candidate over the finish line at the 11th hour of the presidential campaign. Even if it works this time around, it will come at a heavy price to pay for the media in terms of losing what itty bitty shred of credibility they think they have left.

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