Epic Fail: Grocery Store 'Karen' Tries Canceling Kroger Manager After Mask Dispute, It Backfires Big Time

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A woman walks out of a liquor store past a sign requesting its customers to wear a mask Tuesday, June 23, 2020, in Santa Monica, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)



In yet another of the many signs we’ve seen this year alone that prove everything is stupid, a Kroger manager was shamed on Twitter earlier today by a mask Karen because he supposedly refused to intervene more forcefully in a mask dispute that allegedly involved an assault threat against the Karen who made the complaint.

A self-proclaimed transgender rights activist who goes by the name Danielle Muscato and notes the pronouns “she/her” in his/her Twitter bio erupted on the social media platform and blasted off on Andy the Kroger manager who she says “refused to do anything” other than talk to the person who allegedly threatened her with violence.

“Danielle” actually posted a seven-tweet thread that gave a whole new meaning to the term “Karen”, stating that in addition to the manager allegedly not kicking out the customer that the off-duty police officer who she claims was nearby did nothing. I included all of the tweets here because you really have to see it to believe it:


“Danielle” then proceeded to try and argue people down in her mentions who pointed out that an alleged threat of assault does not require the assistance of a grocery store manager. It requires police intervention, and if the police officer who was allegedly on the scene was not being helpful, she should have called 911. Not the manager who should not be put in a position to settle these types of disputes.

Of course, no one truly knows what happened outside of “Danielle” and the person who allegedly threatened her, but I’m suspicious of this story for three reasons:

1) Danielle hates the police. At a time the Louisville police are under intense scrutiny over the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, maybe she’s cool with adding fuel to the fire by accusing an officer of standing by and doing nothing while a transgender customer was allegedly being harassed and threatened:

2) In her Patreon profile, Danielle lists herself as a “professional civil-rights activist” and she claims she needs money. What better way to garner sympathy and contributions than to put a store manager and police officer on blast and portray herself as a victim?

3) Unlike the Kroger situation where Danielle presented herself as someone who plays by the rules and who expects everyone else to do so as well, Danielle has no problems whatsoever with breaking the rules when she finds them inconvenient to her purpose:


Whatever the case may be, Twitter users read Danielle the riot act, so much so that the name “Andy” is now trending:


Indeed. It’s time for the confrontations – and the shaming – between the masked and the maskless to just stop. That goes double for expecting frontline service industry workers to step in and be the adult when people refuse to act like or otherwise settle things like mature human beings.

“Target Tori”, who was the victim of an “award-winning” journalist’s social media shaming campaign back in January, has organized a “GoFundMe” to fund a well-deserved vacation for Andy. You can donate here. As of this writing, nearly $5,000 has been raised.


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