Bill Maher Points to Big Reason Dems Are 'F**ked' in Upcoming Election Over Illegal Immigration

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Bill Maher has been sending the Democrats some big warning alarms on multiple issues for a while now. But they haven't been paying attention because Joe Biden is still their candidate, and they're still espousing far-left extremism. 


Among the most important issues that Maher feels is going to do them in during the election is the issue of the border and immigration. Just last week, Maher said that "on a political level, I don't think they [the Biden team] could have handled it worse." 


But he didn't mince any words this Friday, when he explained that they were about to get "f**ked" in the upcoming election because of their positions on illegal immigration. He noted how Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had hosted the G7. Her party "won the most votes in the European parliamentary election over the weekend, boosting her standing both at home and abroad":

Maher pointed to how the voters in Europe were furious over the immigration issue there and how they voted for Meloni's party because of it, meanwhile rejecting the leftists on the issue. People on the left like to call her a fascist, he said, saying her party has roots in fascism. Then he noted Democrats have "roots in slavery" and "Jim Crow," that it's not about roots, it's about addressing what's going on now, that voters were unhappy with the immigration problem. He said she isn't a fascist, but she's the only one willing to deal with the issue, while people on the left are just abdicating all responsibility: 


The HBO star then quoted The Atlantic's David Frum, who warned "If liberals insist that enforcing borders is a job only fascists will do, then voters will hire fascists to do what liberals won't." 

He ridiculed Democrats acting like caring about the border is racist. He also drove home his point that Europe was a big indicator of what was going to happen to Democrats here: 

"And then they all stand back and go, 'We don't want to be called a racist. So we will not make a move on to immigration.' It's going to get them f---ed on Election Day. It's happening. It's happening in Europe right now. That proves it in Europe, and it's going to happen here in America. It happened with Brexit. It's going to happen again," Maher insisted.

He noted the real numbers of what American voters think that Democrats are ignoring, saying 64 percent of Latinos support giving the president authority to shut down the US borders, and 63 percent of registered voters would "deport all migrants living in the US illegally."

As he said last week, to Democrats, the question is "how many is too much?" and the Democrats' answer is "infinity." 


That's likely going to cost them big time in the election. 


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