More Disturbing Reports From G7 About Biden 'Losing Focus'

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We can all see the condition that Joe Biden is in. 

Even mainstream media is coming out with stories now about lawmakers saying Biden is slipping, destroying this fiction of the Democrats that somehow the old guy we frequently see confused before our eyes is a sharp, incisive leader behind the scenes. 


Democrats don't seem to care and want to hide their heads in the sand, seemingly hoping people won't notice and they might be able to buffalo Americans into voting for him so they can hold onto control. 

Unfortunately, now, with the G7 and his D-Day trip to France, his issues are on display before world leaders. We've seen the weirdness and the wandering. He oddly saluted Giorgia Meloni and even had a bizarre moment greeting the Pope on Friday, in addition to some of the garbled things he said. 

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Now, there are reports from attendees at the conference about just how bad Biden is. There is a report from The Sun, so it's not just the American media picking up on all this. The Sun's political editor, Harry Cole, addressed that awkward moment with the skydivers where the leaders were supposed to be taking a photo, but Biden wandered off to talk to one of the skydivers. Cole also spoke about how Biden ducked out of the leaders' dinner on Thursday night. He then said what the inside sources there are telling him. It's disturbing when you have foreign reports like this. 


The inside reports were brutal.

President Biden has been “losing focus” during discussions at this week’s G7 summit in Italy, with one diplomatic insider saying the commander-in-chief is “the worst he has ever been.”

Another attendee from a non-US delegation told the Sun Friday that the 81-year-old’s public missteps on the first day of the gathering were “embarrassing.”

Cole did note Biden also had moments of sharpness according to the sources. 

The NY Post further weighed in on the question of loss of focus with their own understanding.  

That is in line with The Post’s understanding from White House staffers that Biden, who would be 86 years old if he completes a full second term in January 2029, has at points lost his focus in private conversations.


No one is buying the spin. How are they going to explain everything we've seen for three-plus years? 

But they don't have anything else to run on apart from trying to smear former President Donald Trump and Republicans. At this point they have to be getting desperate. 

It's hard to imagine how Biden will do in the upcoming debates with these issues. Although I suppose at this point, because there are such low expectations for him, Democrats and their acolytes in the media will likely declare him the winner as long as he doesn't fall off the stage, no matter what happens. 



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