Biden's Awkward, Embarrassing Moments With Other Leaders at G7

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden is in Italy for the G7 on Thursday. 

As we reported, he seemed to have some confusion immediately upon landing as he made his way down the short stairs and onto the tarmac. A man intervened and redirected him in the other direction. 


WATCH: Biden Has Trouble Immediately Upon Landing in Italy

Unfortunately, they didn’t just load him back on the plane and take him home. They took him to the G7, where he was the last one to arrive in southern Puglia to meet with world leaders. 

Biden shuffled his way over to the host, Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. He hugged her and kissed her on both cheeks in the European fashion. They traded pleasantries for a few moments. Then Meloni told him he had to sign something over on the side. But then he awkwardly saluted Meloni as he was leaving the stage. 

Now, I'm not sure why he saluted her, and he shouldn't be saluting another world leader. Everyone but Biden knows that. 

But he's been doing this weird thing where he randomly salutes people when he leaves the stage lately and doesn't seem to differentiate between when it's proper and when it isn't. He saluted Hunter after Hunter blew him a kiss at the airport in Delaware following Hunter's conviction. Did he think Hunter was saluting him — is his perception that out of whack at this point? It surely is if he's saluting other leaders. 


It's especially ironic, given he's previously termed Meloni a threat to "democracy" in 2022, and she's on the leftist list of people to hate. So I'm sure this will get some comment from them and more disgust with Biden.

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All the leaders also got together for the family photo. They're all either smiling or looking serious for the photo, except Biden, who appears to be grimacing — which is likely to excite more comment. 

Then, once again, the other leaders apparently had to help direct Biden, who seemed confused and was pointing as though asking, "Is this the right way to go?" 


At what point does someone say this is just too embarrassing? But the folks behind the scenes obviously don't care how much we are embarrassed or placed in peril by Biden's obvious decline. 



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