HOT TAKES: Let the Mockery Begin of Insane Biden Effort at Trump Trial—and How It May Help Trump

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If you told me that the Biden campaign was going to show up at the Trump trial with a Hollywood liberal to attack their political opponent and confirm that this was all political, I probably would have said no, even they couldn't be that stupid. 


Turns out they are even worse and more ignorant than I would have thought, and that says something when my bar for them was already so low. The American people already thought this was political, and now they just confirmed it by showing up. On top of that, they brought a Hollywood liberal, Robert De Niro, to talk about Trump. So rather than talk about any way they could make things better or why anyone should vote for Biden, they let De Niro lose his mind and made it, as they always do, about trying to whip up fear about Trump being a threat to democracy. 


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Hey, guys? You're the folks showing up at a trial against your political opponent. And you want to say Trump is the threat to democracy? Look in the mirror. 

But no one was buying what they were selling and even the Trump supporters at the courthouse made fun of them. 

Warning for graphic language: 

Let the mockery begin. 

Why the heck was De Niro wearing a mask? 


Add in that Benny Hill theme music. 

National Review's Dan McLaughlin ripped into them for violating Trump's rights. 

So true, coming there right as the case is about to be handed to the jury -- were they insane? As I said, they want to talk about Trump, as they are the people blowing up all norms. But now they've just given Trump another potential issue to argue. 

My favorite comment was from journalist David Marcus, pointing out the look on the face of the Biden Comms Director, Michael Tyler. It was priceless. 

The car alarm was a perfect highlight for the flashing alarm on the Biden campaign and how desperate they are. 


And with Tyler's career, the Biden campaign just went right down the garbage chute into oblivion. 

I can't imagine Americans thinking this is good, and it's only going to make more people support Trump when they see moves like this from Biden. If the indictments helped Trump, this is going to supercharge his campaign. 


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