Biden Campaign Holds Wild Presser Outside Trump Trial, With Special Guest... Robert De Niro?

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The Biden team just managed to blow up all norms on Tuesday with an incredibly bad political move to show up outside the courthouse at the Trump trial in New York, just as the closing arguments are being made and the case is about to go to the jury. 


We reported they were contemplating Biden making a statement, but this was even far beyond that in horrible moves. I can't think of anything worse and more disgusting they could have done. 

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This is an insane attempt to influence the trial and the election. And it's likely to come back to haunt them as Americans are going to see it as just one more example of the lawfare being political to take out former President Donald Trump in the election. They must have thought that Americans weren't paying enough attention to the trial so they were going to highlight it. But what an incredibly bad move on every level. 

Here's the advisory that they sent out to the press. 

Even that they couldn't get right -- it's May 28, you ridiculous people. Isn't that so typical of the Biden team though? Always wrong, right down to knowing what the date is. 

They even reportedly brought a campaign sign. But yeah, not political, not at all. 


They brought along Capitol Police officers, including Michael Fanone. 

Then of all things what did they do? They brought along the unhinged Robert De Niro to attack Trump. Who thought this was a good idea? 

Then check out this excuse for why they're there. It's not because of the Trump trial, it's because they want to talk to the media. That's why they're attacking Trump right outside of the trial. These people are seriously delusional. 

This is throwing the norms in the dirt and tap-dancing on them, while lying right to our faces and expecting us to buy it. 

Then they let De Niro talk and it got even worse as he tried to attack the Trump supporters who were there for the trial -- the trial that the Biden team wasn't there to talk about.


Does he think there's something wrong with supporters being there? No, what's wrong and "crazy" is the Biden team and him showing up and the lawfare against Trump. 

He goes on to call them and Trump "clowns." Um, Bob? Check a mirror, you're the one making a crazy statement outside the courthouse. 

This is full-on nuts, with De Niro claiming elections would be done and Trump would never leave and the government would perish from the earth. 

One protester asked if De Niro was on Jeffrey Epstein’s client list and called him a “paid actor for the DNC.”

“You’re a f--king idiot,” De Niro yelled back.

He went full over a cliff. 

“Donald Trump wants to destroy not only this city and the country but the entire world.”

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are trying to drown out the actor, chanting, "De Niro is a gangster bitch” and “You destroyed Leonardo DiCaprio.”

But then amazingly, since they put themselves in that position, suddenly they were met with questions that they didn't want to answer about weaponizing the government. 


They of course don't want to answer those questions. 

Even there they were trying to buffalo the rest. 

I think they just finished themselves off with this move showing how desperate they are. 


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