Trump Team Excoriates the Crazy Biden Campaign Presser, Details How Desperate Dems Are

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I don't think the Biden campaign could have come up with a worse idea than to show up outside the Trump trial with Robert De Niro and attack Trump. I think they just show how incredibly desperate they were with such a move, blowing up all norms outside his trial right as the case is about to be given to the jury. They've now confirmed it's political, and their actions not have only blown up all norms about not commenting on trials, but doing so at this point in the proceedings opens them up to justifiable claims that they're trying to influence the trial as well. Then adding Robert De Niro to the mix in an unhinged rant just added to the total insanity of it all. 


Once the Biden team had finished imploding their campaign, the Trump team ripped them for their actions, pointing out how their appearance at the courthouse confirmed the political nature of the trial. 

First, there was Trump Senior Advisor Jason Miller, and he just excoriated the Biden team and mocked De Niro. 

Miller said that after months of the Biden team denying that the trial was about politics, they nevertheless showed up and made a campaign event out of it. They even had a campaign sign with them, he noted. He said that they were making it a Biden rally after "months of weaponizing the legal system against President Trump" because Biden was doing so badly in the polls - including in all the battleground states - and the Democrats were in full "freakout" mode.

"Joe Biden is losing nationally, he's losing in every single battleground state," Miller said. "And President Trump's numbers continue to rise." 

"And the best that Biden can do is roll out a washed-up actor -- and don't worry my remarks will be shorter than "The Irishman" -- I wouldn't make you suffer for three hours." That's mocking De Niro's incredibly long film. Miller also noted the huge rally for Trump in the South Bronx.


Miller also said they hadn't shown there was any actual crime, and he pulled out the front page of the NY Post with George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley's story criticizing the case, calling it "Nothing to Bragg About." 

Miller said he thought even the Biden staffers who were there knew this move on their part was a bad idea, but someone at "central command" made them do it because everything was going down the tubes. 

Trump Campaign Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt said it was a full-blown concession that this was a political "witch hunt" and this case would have been "laughed out of any courtroom in America." She also ripped into the gag order on Trump and called the trial a disgrace and a "Communist show trial." 

Trump will ultimately be vindicated, Leavitt said, "Because he is an innocent man."

Steven Cheung then finished up, terming it "election interference." 

"Make no mistake—This is election interference of the highest order. Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign are in complete freakout mode," Cheung declared.


Donald Trump Jr. got it right. De Niro even attacked Trump supporters.

Indeed. This is the move of someone desperate to move the needle. But unfortunately for them, it just shows how they will do anything and say anything, no matter the norms or the consequences, just to try to hold onto power. But it's not changing all the reasons that Americans are rejecting Joe Biden. 

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