Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep at Memorial Day Ceremonies? Here's the Video - It Sure Looks Like It

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President Joe Biden did manage to come back from his vacation to recognize Memorial Day during ceremonies at Arlington National Ceremony on Monday. 

But Joe Biden being Joe Biden, he had to use the occasion to talk about his son Beau, despite the fact that Beau Biden did not fall in battle. He tried to tell the Goldstar family members in the audience, "As it is for so many of you, the pain of his loss is with me every day." He always somehow makes every event about himself, even if it is wildly inappropriate. He claimed that his son got brain cancer from burn pits in Iraq, but fact-checkers say the evidence doesn't support that conclusion. 


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What he didn't do was recognize the 13 young service members who died in the service of the nation because of his failed policies during the withdrawal from Afghanistan. I think he doesn't because if he did, it would be a reminder of his failure there, and he doesn't want that. 

But that wasn't the only problem he had during the Memorial Day ceremonies. 

Now, there's a question of whether he fell asleep during the ceremonies before he gave his remarks. 

Here's the video going around. 

Now, let's put that in context. Here's a longer video of the entire event. If you check out the part where Secretary of State Lloyd Austin is speaking at around 24 minutes in, this is where you see that segment that's above. But to me, it actually seems to get worse after that point, between that and 27:30 minutes in. It looks like he completely shuts his eyes at points and nods off for a couple of minutes. 


At about 27:40, you can see him take a breath, and his eyes suddenly open. Then, his eyes remain open. 

It looks like he fell asleep to me. At one point it even looks like his mouth dropped open a bit. 

Just add this to the long list of embarrassing moments that Joe has gifted us with. 

Now some on the left — probably some of the same people who claimed former President Donald Trump fell asleep during his Manhattan trial — argued he just had his eyes closed because of the somber nature of the ceremony. 

The problem is that this is just one incident in a whole panoply of Biden's issues and failures. This is the guy that they want to claim is ready for the 3 a.m. call when he seems out of it in the middle of the day and spends almost 40 percent of his time on vacation. This is the guy who can't get through his West Point speech without lying and making up all kinds of things. Then, he couldn't hand out the diplomas to all the graduates. This is the guy who can't get through a presser without imploding and snapping at a reporter that he's violating their "deal" about questions. (What deal is that, Joe?) 


Biden has all kinds of issues and this just adds to the overall reality that he's not capable. 


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