Unreal: Biden Uses His Memorial Day Remarks at Arlington to Speak About His Son Beau

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Joe Biden has spent almost 40 percent of his time in office on vacation, most of that time away at his homes in Delaware. 

While it's offensive that he's taking that much time off, as some people note, with Joe Biden, that's time when he's not actually doing things and screwing them up. That's certainly a point. Who he may be meeting with, we are generally not told, and they don't keep visitor logs. So much for transparency. 


But he did manage to drag himself back from his vacation in Delaware on Sunday night, to come back to Washington and attend Memorial Day ceremonies. He laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Ceremony. 

Fortunately, he made it and didn't trip. 

As others were speaking, he appeared completely checked out and distracted. Look at his face here. 

Um, Joe? You're supposed to at least be pretending to listen, not figuring out all the different ways to fidget. But it's just more evidence that he's fading fast and can't even maintain that much of a proper appearance during the ceremonies. 

Then of course you know what he would say on Memorial Day, don't you?  

He went right to talking about his son Beau, about how it was the ninth anniversary of his death (he died May 30, 2015). 


The post reads: 

"As it is for so many of you, the pain of his loss is with me every day. ...But so is the pride I feel in his service, as if I can still hear him saying, 'It's my duty, dad. It's my duty.'"

He claimed that the pain of his loss is with him as it is with the Gold Star families. 

At least this time, Biden acknowledged that he died of cancer, rather than lying about him dying in war, as he has said in the past. 

This is Memorial Day, which has the very specific purpose of recognizing those who died in battle in the service of our nation. It isn't about his son, who died from cancer, a horrible tragedy, but not the same thing. And Biden believes, but doesn't know that he got the cancer from the burn pit. If the loss isn't the "same thing," Biden shouldn't be raising it and making everything once again about his loss. But he just can't seem to stop himself from doing it, despite how wrong it is. 

Meanwhile, there are 13 brave young Americans who did give that last full measure of devotion in service to their nation, whose names he hasn't mentioned -- the 13 who died because of Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal. 

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin claimed that Biden "has always stood up for our troops, our military families, and our veterans." 


No, he hasn't.

Where is the recognition of the 13? He doesn't want to say their names because he doesn't want to admit any failures. That's shameful. And let's not forget how even then, when he did meet with them at the dignified transfer ceremony, they said he talked about how he understood what they were feeling because of Beau and he kept checking his watch. The families were repulsed, and he added another level to their grief because of his response. Even with them, he'd rather talk about Beau. 

Let's all take a moment to remember those fine young people and their families today. 


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