Hell Is Freezing Over: CNN's Jake Tapper Admits, 'Trump Was Right, Biden Was Wrong'

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Let's face it, CNN is not exactly an objective news agency. We saw some attempts when Chris Licht was in charge to make noises about being objective. But then he got the boot, and I don't think they'll be convincing anyone anytime soon that they've changed. That's why when they have moments of lucidity, where they're finally forced to admit a little truth, it's noteworthy and often funny. 


There was one of those moments on Friday when hell was starting to freeze over. Jake Tapper who, I think, hates former President Donald Trump with the passion of a thousand suns was forced to admit, "Trump was right." 

Tapper was part of a panel talking about the Biden family scandal. He pointed to a Washington Post story about Hunter Biden admitting in court that he made “$2.4 million in income in 2017 and $2.2 million in income in 2018 — most of which came from Chinese or Ukrainian interests.”

“This directly goes against what Joe Biden said in the debate in 2020 with Donald Trump,” Tapper said. He then ran a clip of what Biden said during the debate when Biden denied that Hunter had made any money in China. Trump nailed him good, refuting that, "He made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow, and various other places" as Biden falsely ranted, "That is simply not true!" 

Tapper admitted, "Trump was right. I mean he did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong. I don’t know that he was lying about it. He might not have been told by Hunter, but this blind spot is a problem." Andy Levin, a Democrat on the panel, pushed the Democratic talking point that there was nothing to connect Joe Biden, which anyone following along knows is nonsense. 


Welcome to reality, Jake Tapper. We've just been saying this since 2019. We've been laying out a mountain of stories about Hunter Biden's foreign dealings and Joe Biden's various connections. The truth was there to be had if you acted like journalists in 2020 during that debate when Joe Biden was pushing that falsehood. Talk about a blind spot, CNN didn't want to address the questions about Biden. 

Even now as Tapper makes these admissions, he doesn't quite go all the way, saying that he doesn't if Joe Biden "was lying about it."  

So there's that thing about being a journalist again. CNN or Tapper could talk with Tony Bobulinski and ask him about Sinohawk -- the Chinese-connected company the Bidens had been trying to form with the infamous "10 percent" for the "big guy."  You could ask why did Joe think he was meeting with Hunter's business associate Jonathan Li in Beijing? Or writing college recommendations for Li's kids if he didn't know about Hunter's business dealings with him? And that's just China. What about the dinners and the photos with all the business associates? 

The House Oversight Committee came out this past week with bank records showing $20 million went to the Bidens including from people from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The Chair of the Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) also promised that they would be subpoenaing the Biden family. 


Tapper is finally admitting reality, but there's so much more there. So while hell is starting to freeze over a bit, they still have so much further to go. 


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