State-Owned Bank of China Is Majority Owner of Hunter Biden's Venture Capital Firm, BHR

Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP

As more and more information comes to light about Hunter Biden, so do many of the questionable business dealings in which Hunter had engaged. While Burisma has made headlines for the last several years, recently much more has been revealed about Hunter’s engagement in Chinese business dealings – and they’re infinitely more troubling than anything having to do with Ukraine or Burisma.


Prior to his tagging along on the Big Guy’s trip to China in December 2013, Hunter Biden and his associates Devon Archer, James Bulger, and Michael Lin had held numerous meetings with executives from Bohai Capital, the private equity arm of Bank of China International Holdings Ltd. Those meetings led to an agreement to form Bohai Harvest Rosemont (BHR) Partners. A newly-formed LLC, Rosemont Seneca Thornton, owned by Hunter, Chris Heinz, James Bulger, Devon Archer, and Michael Lin, would own 30 percent of the Chinese-based company. The partnership agreement was signed in June, 2013, but the company was not yet registered with the Chinese government – until about a week after Hunter met with Li during that December trip. Hunter confirmed the trip to the New Yorker, according to an intelligence report obtained by RedState:

“HUNTER told the New Yorker that he met Li during the December 2013 trip but described it as a social encounter. “How do I go to Beijing, halfway around the world, and not see them (Li) for a cup of coffee?” he said. HUNTER arranged a quick meeting in the lobby of the American Delegation’s hotel in Beijing between BIDEN (Joe) and Li, the [soon-to-be] BHR CEO. This was followed by a “social meeting” between HUNTER and Li, according to reports by the New Yorker.”


With as concerned as the left has been about a bank account Trump has in China, perhaps they should pay a bit more attention to the fact that Hunter Biden and the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry were operating a venture capital firm with Chinese State-Owned Entities like the Bank of China?

Heinz left the partnership when Hunter and Archer joined the Burisma board, but Hunter still owns 10 percent of BHR through his investment firm, Skaneateles LLC. His share is conservatively valued at $50 million, according to the report.

BHR is a “Russian Nesting Doll” scheme – that is, a venture capital firm, inside a venture capital firm, inside a venture capital firm, and so on, in an effort to shield potential investors and regulatory bodies from their ability to examine the dealings of the VC firm. Bohai Industrial Investments (BII) is currently tied for the largest share of control for BHR with Ample Harvest, both controlling 30%. In examining the report provided to RedState, it lists the BII breakdown as follows:

Screenshot from Typhoon Investigations report, used with permission

The report states that BII is majority-owned by the Bank of China, both through the BOC International Holdings and the BOC Group Investment Co. Their total comes to 53% ownership and, as a result, BHR is controlled by the Chinese Government. Also included in the list of owners of BII is The National Council of Social Security Funds and China’s Public Retirement Fund. In fact, every single other company listed as an owner in BII is a SOE. In other words, China controls BII, lock, stock, and barrel and by extension, Robert Hunter Biden.


That’s just scratching the surface of Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Chinese government. Perhaps it is time for the left to start examining the shocking details of Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

(This is the third in a series of articles exploring Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz’s business dealings with Chinese entities. Additional reporting and research have been provided by RedState’s Scott Hounsell.)


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