Comer Releases New Bank Records, Promises to Subpoena Biden Family

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As we previously reported, the House Oversight Committee just got some more damning bank records regarding the Biden family foreign business dealings scandal, totaling more than $20 million from foreign nationals from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. You could just see the net tightening in the case.


House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (D-KY) noted the interesting timing of events, for all the Democrats trying to spin that Joe Biden had nothing to do with this.

Comer did an interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning. He detailed more of what they found and what they intended to do.

He noted that there were no real “services” provided for all this money that the Bidens got, other than the “Biden network” and Joe Biden.

Instead of business services and in addition to the contacts with Joe Biden that the foreign nationals got, Comer pointed to things like the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor and the pressure applied to do that to “call D.C.” Comer said Biden admitted himself that he got the prosecutor fired. Comer also noted the alleged bribe that Joe Biden took according to the FD-1023 form. Comer said in terms of policy decisions taken regarding the money taken in, the prosecutor’s firing was “at the top of the list.” He also noted their new bank records show that Hunter Biden got $3 million from Burisma.


Comer said that the Biden family also didn’t pay taxes on the more than $20 million that was received, in addition to everything else. He said there was a deliberate effort to hide the source of the revenue through shell companies.

He also noted how $3.5 million came from a Russian oligarch (Yelena Baturina) but that after the Russians invaded Ukraine, Joe Biden was quick to put sanctions on a lot of Russian oligarchs. Strangely, Baturina was never sanctioned.

Here’s that letter that Joe Biden sent to Devon Archer that we previously reported on in Archer’s conversation with Tucker Carlson, Part 1.

Bartiromo asked a great question: have they asked the Bidens to explain all this? She noted how the media hadn’t covered the alleged bribe, that they focused all on the Trump indictment news, but not on the Biden scandal.

Bartiromo asked Comer if his Committee was going to subpoena Hunter or get answers from Joe Biden.

“This is always going to end with the Bidens coming in front of the Committee,” Comer replied. “We are going to subpoena the family,” he said. “We’re putting the case together to win in court.” He said, given the opposition they’ve gotten already from the Biden attornies now, that they know would end up in court. “We have caught Joe Biden in so many lies, I can’t even count the number of lies now. So we have put together a case that I think would hold up in any court of law in America.”


Comer said, “I wish the media would ask the president, what exactly did your family do to receive this $21 million that the House Oversight Committee is, as he just continues to say? Well, that’s a lie. That’s not true. We have their bank records, Maria. Bank records don’t lie.

Comer said he wants to talk to a few other Hunter Biden associates, and then they will be ready, despite being obstructed every step of the way. He said the amount of obstruction should “make every American sick to their stomach.”


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