Biden Gets Desperate With Embarrassing 'Dark Brandon' Video Selling Merchandise

Joe Biden in 'Dark Brandon' merchandising/campaign video. Credit; Joe Biden/Tiwtter.

It’s hard to imagine how Joe Biden is going to make it to the heart of the campaign in 2024.

He seems to be deteriorating fast. We noted on Wednesday how he couldn’t even seem to take a walk on the beach, then back to his house, without being led by Jill, and having difficulty even walking.


Biden also did an interview this week where he had weird rambling moments, in addition to a comment about his grandchildren that was just vile considering how he’s treated his four-year-old grandchild Navy Roberts.

CNN’s data dude Harry Enten explained how their recent poll was not looking good for Biden; particularly on the economy, his approval “stinks.” Not only did he say that Biden’s numbers were bad, but he also pointed to positive numbers for former President Donald Trump and said he could “very possibly win.”

There are signs that Democrats are getting desperate about the situation with Biden. Barack Obama was reportedly pulled in, and he had to warn Biden not to underestimate Trump’s strengths. Of course, it isn’t just about Trump’s strengths, it’s about Biden’s weaknesses. Some of the Democrats have taken to sharing photoshops of Joe Biden that try to make him look younger. If you have to go to those lengths, you know things are not looking good for Biden. Most Americans have shown in poll after poll that they have questions about him—mentally and physically.

But as if that wasn’t desperate enough, on the day of Trump’s arraignment, he seemed to be celebrating with a cringe-worthy “Dark Brandon” meme.


Maybe not good to look like you’re celebrating, when you’re trying to lock up your top political opponent, and on the day that Trump was arraigned. Otherwise, people might think that you’re weaponizing the government against your opponents.

It just adds to the overall sense that he’s turned us into a banana republic, and he’s severely damaged our rule of law.

“A cup of Joe never tasted any better,” Biden declares. “I like my coffee dark,” he says, and then shows the cup with the “Dark Brandon” eyes.

But the problem for Biden is that under Bidenflation, everything has been more expensive, even coffee. That’s shot up a lot under Biden. Not exactly a smart thing to remind everyone of how much more they are paying under him by highlighting coffee. And on top of that, Biden is now pitching merchandise to make money to help his campaign, which he should have left to his staff. It’s not something he should be doing. And unless my guess is wrong, that looks like he’s doing it from the White House which is just plain wrong. But Biden seems completely oblivious to how bad it looks.


Biden still hasn’t learned that on the internet, you don’t give folks space/billboards to meme on. Because if you do, they sure are going to replace it with something you’re not going to like.


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