Biden's Rambling in New Interview Is Wild and What He Says About Grandkids Is Sure to Raise Eyebrows

Biden does interview at the White House with podcaster Jay Shetty. (Credit: RNC Research)

Joe Biden doesn’t do a lot of interviews, and there’s a good reason why, given his continued problem with incoherence and mistakes. His staff has done all they can to either cut him off from the press or set him up with softball interviews.


Biden just interviewed with British podcaster Jay Shetty at the White House, which I think falls under the umbrella of a softball interview. Now, it’s ironic that he was appearing with Shetty to talk about how the Biden administration intends to help deal with the mental health crisis. The Democrats could start by having Joe Biden retire from the job and take care of himself. But of course, they’re not going there. I wish administrations would pay more attention to mental health, but I wouldn’t expect Biden to do anything substantive. Stuff like this is just more of his “I care” propaganda.

But even in an interview that wasn’t hard-hitting in the slightest, Biden sounded bad. Biden sounded like he had a cold, and he sounded very old.

He also had some very concerning moments, including repeating the debunked Amtrak conductor story. But this was extra concerning because not only is this a false story, he acts as though the conductor Angelo Negri is still alive though he died in 2014. Listen to him say he’s “not going to embarrass him” by saying his name.


Are his people not doing anything to tell him he’s been debunked or tell him what is going on? It sure doesn’t look like it. What’s worse is maybe they do tell him, but he keeps doing it anyway.

But it got worse when he got rambling. He told these two stories, the first one about cufflinks, then another one that was a bizarre response to the question. They both make you go, “What the heck is he talking about?”

Yikes, this is the guy that we have who has his finger potentially on the button, and he seems to not be able to comprehensively answer a question. You can see Shetty’s face after the response.

His family seems to understand that problem with him too. He explained how they communicated with him by taping notes to his mirror.


Some have interpreted that as an admission of his mental health condition.

It wasn’t only the rambling and imagining that dead people were alive that was concerning. It was the nonsense that he was trying to sell us about himself and his family.

He also spoke about the best advice he was told was to “show up.” Yet, he’s failed to “show up” for so many people on so many issues, including the people of East Palestine, Ohio.

He’s also failed to show up for his four-year-old granddaughter by his son Hunter and Lunden Roberts. He’s ignored her since her birth until this past week when he finally acknowledged her in a statement to People Magazine released late on a Friday. It was the most minimal statement you could imagine.

Yet during the interview with Shetty, it was as though he’d flipped a switch. He told him how he has “seven grandchildren,” and he’s in contact with the five oldest every day. He’s trying to seamlessly pretend like he hasn’t been saying “six” up to this point and acting like he’s in contact with them when he certainly hasn’t been in contact with her at all.


Biden said he just thought “being there” for his grandkids was so “important and makes such a difference.”

But he hasn’t been there for Navy. It was determined that she was his grandchild in November 2019, and this was his reaction at the time.

He was so disturbed that anyone even dared to ask him about her, you can see that flashing anger, and if looks could kill, Fox’s Peter Doocy (who asked the question) would have been splayed out all over the floor.

Even now, after doing the minimum possible to avoid criticism (and help himself in the election), they still won’t even let the child have the Biden name, and he says he’ll see her “when the time is right.” Some “being there” for her when you won’t let her even use your name. And I guess the time hasn’t been right since 2019. You know the polling on the question had to be pretty bad – if he was finally forced to acknowledge her after all this time, he must have been taking quite a hit.


His incoherence is bad enough, but it’s the cold and nasty side that you can see regarding his granddaughter which is in some ways even worse.


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