USA Today's Ridiculous Spin on Hunter Biden Gets the Drubbing It Deserves

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I have to say this for the liberal media: They are doing all they can to spin for Joe Biden in the wake of the burgeoning Biden family foreign dealings scandal. They certainly had a challenging time in the past week with the imploding Hunter Biden plea deal.


On Wednesday, you had CNN’s Sara Sidner insisting that there was no evidence connecting Joe Biden to the scandal.

But she’s a “journalist,” she claimed, and she doesn’t take a side or have a bias. She got more than she bargained for with Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), who schooled her on what people think about CNN. “Nobody believes that, ma’am,” he said. That was priceless.

Now, Democrats might talk about the nature of the evidence or try to argue about what it might mean. But trying to say there’s no evidence is consciously ignoring the facts, and that’s the problem with the media, particularly in this matter. They don’t know or don’t care about reporting the facts because it might hurt the narrative they want to parrot.


If it isn’t clear that’s the Democratic talking point that the media is parroting, here’s Democrat Claire McCaskill making it clear. She claims the Republicans are attacking “without evidence of the father doing anything other than loving that son.”

It’s just a dad loving his son, guys. Just forget those stories about the big guy, the ten percent, the pictures of Joe Biden meeting with Hunter’s business associates, or any of the alleged influence peddling. Let’s ignore the FD-1023 bribery form and Joe allegedly getting the $5 million from Burisma chief Mykola Zlochevsky. Disregard that WhatsApp message where Hunter says his father is sitting in the room as he’s pressuring a Chinese official to get what he wants.

But USA Today put a capper on it with a truly ridiculous effort to downplay all this. It’s just “foibles,” folks. Oh, and the problem isn’t what Hunter or Joe Biden have done wrong; it’s the Republicans pouncing.


The article itself was mostly more of the same.

The White House and congressional Democrats suspect the GOP is using Hunter Biden to advance its own political agenda: To damage Joe Biden heading into next year’s election. Hunter Biden, a 53-year-old attorney and businessman, holds no public office and has no official role in his father’s government — unlike Ivanka Trump who held a policy job out of the White House as did her husband Jared Kushner. But his foibles have provided ammunition for those who want to inflict harm on Joe Biden and his presidency.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) raising questions about sex trafficking was just dismissed as her holding up nude pictures of him; that point about the trafficking was completely ignored.

Is there any wonder that people question the bias of the liberal media and think they are propaganda when they put out such things? The story isn’t why Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal that most normal people wouldn’t have got; it’s the Republicans.


How dare those nasty Republicans pounce on that poor, troubled boy! This is an instant propaganda classic.


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