CNN Asked GOP Rep About Hunter Biden, That's When Things Went Bad for the Network

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The liberal media no longer seems to be able to avoid the question of Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s foreign business dealings scandal. They’ve done a lot to avoid it for a long time, but now it seems to be everywhere.


It’s even making its way into discussions about UFOs and aliens.

CNN’s Sara Sidner had on Rep. Tim Burchett to talk about the Congressional hearing on the matter earlier this week at which David Grusch, an Air Force intel officer testified to what he’d previously said: that he’s been told about not only craft being found but “non-human biologics.”

That was pretty stunning news, although Grusch had directly seen those biologics. He simply said he had been told that by multiple people connected to the program. Grusch said he would give the members of Congress the names of the people who could provide the information to them. He also testified that the government had been trying to reverse-engineer some of the craft that had been found.

Tim Burchett went on CNN to say that he was going to continue to get to the bottom of the question and called out the government for hiding this information from us. He said they needed to release what they had. He believed that they had UAPs in possession he said because other people had come forward to confirm this to him.


It was a very congenial interview. Then things began to veer off course when Sidner said she did have to ask Burchett because “I am a journalist” about Hunter Biden and what he thought about the plea deal blowing up.

Sidner asked Burchett about the talk of impeachment for Joe Biden. Burchett spoke about the evidence regarding Burisma and the FBI FD-1023 form that detailed the alleged bribes to Joe Biden and his son, in addition to the money that was coming to the Bidens from China.

That’s when Sidner went over the edge, and claimed there was “no evidence” to connect Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Burchett responded, “Let me correct you on that.” He then detailed that the FD-1023 form involves Joe Biden getting $5 million, and there are allegedly audio recordings of the calls. On top of that, let’s not forget all the other evidence including photos of Joe Biden meeting with Hunter Biden’s business associates and emails reflecting those meetings. Devon Archer is expected to testify to this on Monday in an interview with the House Oversight Committee.

When Burchett asked what was Hunter Biden selling but influence? Sidner’s response was unbelievable, “Couldn’t he be selling that influence without his dad knowing?” But that’s the very essence of the alleged influence. I detailed emails that laid that out on Thursday in a very straightforward manner.


Burchett then pointed out to her that Joe Biden’s story on the matter keeps changing after initially claiming he’d never talked to this son about his business. But his people (like White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre) don’t want you to notice the change. In fact, KJP insists there is no change his language.

Sidner kept insisting that “nothing has been made public shows us all of this,” even though the FD-1023 and bank records of payments have been made public. Burchett just laid her out saying that if it had been President Donald Trump they’d be talking “quid pro quo” yet here you had the $10 million and the firing [of the Ukrainian prosecutor], that you had Biden doing what Trump was accused of he said, and FBI informants providing evidence.

Sidner said, “There has to be some proof.” That’s when Burchett truly lays bare the bias, pointing out that there wasn’t any “proof” about the Steele dossier against Trump, yet the media like CNN had no problem going off to the races on that. Yet they don’t even want to acknowledge real evidence like the FBI document against Biden.

Burchett said they could “sit there and argue about it” but she has “her base and I have mine.” That’s when Sidner lost it, “I don’t have a base, I’m a journalist.” She said he didn’t know her politics. Burchett then started laughing at her, saying she worked for CNN, and she could have fingers crossed under the table but no one is going to believe that she isn’t biased. Well done, Tim Burchett!


That’s when she quickly brought the interview to an end. Chances that Burchett gets invited back? Not likely. They’re willing to hear all kinds of things about UFOs, but they don’t want to hear the evidence when it comes to Joe Biden.


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