Comer Lays out Why Those 170 Biden Suspicious Activity Reports Are So Bad

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The House Oversight Committee is accumulating a lot of evidence regarding Joe Biden and the Biden family’s foreign business dealings scandal.

On Thursday, Chairman James Comer revealed that the IRS whistleblowers were indicating they had evidence of offshore accounts that could be related to Joe Biden. If they have the records of those accounts and can link Joe Biden to foreign payments, that may be the smoking gun right there if the Republicans get around to an impeachment trial.


Our friends at Townhall pointed out how Comer laid out more information about the 170 “Suspicious Activity Reports” and how significant it was that there were 170 of them about the Bidens.

We’ve mentioned the 170 reports before, but Comer detailed more information about them.

Comer explained to Cruz that he used to be on a bank board and that these reports were issued when they suspected that there might be a crime involved. They were not proof of a crime themselves but an indication that the bank had suspicions. Comer said that they were not issued like candy, as some in the media have suggested, but that they were issued sparingly. He said that if you got two of them, it might be difficult to open an account. Yet there were 170 of them about Biden family members, which is a huge number.

Comer pointed out that what would trigger one of these reports is a large deposit, like what happened in the case of the Robinson Walker account. Rob Walker was a Hunter Biden associate. He got about $3 million from the Chinese-connected company when the account didn’t have much activity over the years and then suddenly got that large influx of money. Then the very next day, “24 hours and two minutes” later (as soon as the bank would allow), they start passing that money out to multiple Biden family accounts. That way, the money didn’t directly go from the Chinese-connected accounts to the Biden shell companies/accounts. When you set up a bunch of shell companies for laundering money, “That’s called racketeering,” Comer said.


Four different Biden family members got $1.3 million (combined) out of that $3 million payout. That was just one SAR, and there were 169 more generated by Joe and/or Hunter Biden. Comer also mentioned another 100, that they were “the subject of,” which apparently indicates they were related to Biden business dealings. He said the banks flagged the transactions noting things like suspicions of money laundering and wire fraud. The banks knew these were “politically exposed” people and suspected some of these wires were coming from “state-owned entities.” Comer said there were at least 20 shell companies that they knew of at this point.

If Hunter Biden was doing something legitimate for China, they could have just wired the money to him, Comer explained. Instead, they went through this whole process to hide what was going on. Then all of this information is also backed up by other evidence like the emails as well as the testimony that they have already gotten and will get from some of Hunter Biden’s business associates or the whistleblowers.

Stack it all together, and it’s a powerful case for impeachment, as opposed to twisting a phone call asking about corruption. It’s the corruption that was the subject of that phone call.




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