Comer Reveals New Damaging Info About Biden and Offshore Accounts

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I have to say that House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) certainly seems like a dog with a bone when it comes to pursuing the trial, and when it comes to the Biden family foreign dealings scandal. He’s uncovered a lot of information on the matter that hasn’t been seen before, plus he’s confirmed a lot of things by seriously going after bank records and finally forcing the Biden administration to turn over documents.


Comer has already revealed payouts to various family members from deals including Jim Biden and Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow. But they’re still discovering more records. I wrote a few days ago about how he’s gotten more records that they need to go through about Ukraine and Russia. He also teased that he believed this may have had an impact on “policy decisions.”

“Joe Biden has been selling access to our enemies for decades — long before [first son Hunter Biden] was involved,” Comer said.

At least two unnamed Russian oligarchs have inexplicably escaped US economic sanctions during Biden’s presidency, the Republican said — hinting that his committee intends to connect those figures to payments to the Biden clan.

“I think there are certain policy decisions that Joe Biden has made since he’s been president that the only explanation can be because of the money his family received,” Comer said.

Now, he has more information.

Comer appeared on Sen. Ted Cruz’s podcast “The Verdict” with commentator Ben Ferguson. They spoke about some of the Biden family members whom Comer had already found accounts on, about the business dealings including Hunter and Jim Biden. But Comer said he also suspected that Joe Biden had “offshore accounts.” He said, “We kind of learned that today.”


Cruz asked him what the evidence was of that. Comer explained that they’d asked the IRS whistleblowers the question about the accounts. He said he asked them if they had documents about foreign accounts, and they said yes, they did. He said that the whistleblowers couldn’t directly turn the documents over to the Oversight Committee; they have to turn them over to the House Ways and Means Committee. Then Comer said he requested that they do that, and they said that they would.

That could open up another kettle of fish. They may have tried to hide accounts for Joe, but if they have the offshore accounts and can trace them to Joe, that will raise this to another level of bad. It will make it even harder for Joe Biden to explain himself, and it will make the drumbeats even louder for the impeachment of Biden. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is finally tossing around the “I” word, and it sounds like Comer is going to have a lot of evidence to feed them. With everything that the American people have seen so far, it’s going to be hard for Republicans if they don’t proceed with all this evidence.


Meanwhile, with the Hunter Biden plea deal falling apart, everything is now on the table again to pursue—and Joe Biden has to be sweating with all this news.


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