Bombshell Findings From House Oversight Re: Biden Family, Millions Received From Foreign Nationals

As RedState has reported, the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has been taking a deep dive into the Biden family and numerous questionable financial transactions which, in turn, spawned as many as 170 “Suspicious Activity Reports” (SARs) by financial institutions to the U.S. Treasury Department.


On Monday, Comer announced that he would be holding a Wednesday morning press conference to reveal some of the evidence the committee has unearthed thus far. As Nick Arama noted:

The word has been that the DOJ is considering charges for Hunter Biden related to taxes and a gun charge, and that they aren’t looking at counts related to the bigger question of alleged influence peddling related to the family’s foreign financial dealings. Once they charge, everyone will clam up and say they can’t talk because of the “investigation.” That will make it harder to get to the bigger issues.

Comer is saying they have far more than that small stuff. “We know exactly what this family was doing,” he said. The GOP is planning a press conference for Wednesday with some of that information.

Comer said the evidence implicates them in a far bigger “pay-for-play” bribery scheme. He spoke about the new evidence that the whistleblower had regarding a document that showed a bribery scheme involving policy decisions and included a “precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose.”

Ahead of the press conference, which can be viewed in its entirety below, Comer released a 36-page memo, setting forth the committee’s findings to date:

644283266-Bank-Memorandum-5-10-23 by Susie Moore on Scribd

The memo includes a summary with the following bullet points:

  • Lack of Transparency Regarding the Biden Family Business Deals: When President Biden ran as a presidential candidate, he assured the American people his family received no money from China. President Biden recently claimed the Committee’s bank records regarding his family’s receipt of funds from China are “not true.” The White House refuses to correct President Biden’s dishonest statements. The lack of transparency surrounding the Biden family’s foreign business deals raises serious national security concerns.
  • The Committee has Reviewed Thousands of Bank Records: The Committee has obtained thousands of relevant bank records via subpoenas.
  • The Complicated Network of Biden Family and Associates’ Companies: Biden family members and business associates created a web of over 20 companies—most were limited liability companies formed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.
  • The Biden Family Received Millions of Dollars from Foreign Sources: Bank records show the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals’ companies. The Committee has identified payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as Vice President and after he left public office.
  •  The Biden Family Used Business Associates’ Companies to Receive Foreign Funds: Despite creating many companies after Vice President Biden took office, the Biden family used business associates’ companies to receive millions of dollars from foreign companies.
  • Attempts to Conceal Large Financial Transactions: After foreign companies sent money to business associates’ companies, the Biden family received incremental payments over time to different bank accounts. These complicated financial transactions appear to conceal the source of the funds and reduce the conspicuousness of the total amounts made into the Biden bank accounts.
  • Chinese Nationals Hid the Source of the Money: Chinese nationals and companies with significant ties to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party hid the source of the funds by layering domestic limited liability companies.
  • The Number of Biden Family Members: As the Committee traces additional financial transactions, the Committee continues to identify new Biden family members who may have benefited financially from the foreign companies.

Concurrently, Oversight released a lengthy thread on Twitter, summarizing their findings thus far. The thread begins here, but some highlights include the fact that “a network of over 20 companies” was formed by the Bidens and their associates, many during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, at least $10 million from foreign nationals was paid to Biden family members, their companies, and business associates, that in addition to money from China, there were payments from Romania, as well, and that there were steps taken to conceal these transactions.

During the press conference, several members of the committee, in addition to Comer, addressed the press, including Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). (None of the Democrat committee members were in attendance.) Each set forth specific evidence gleaned from the investigation that raises critical questions about the Biden family’s financial activities and necessitates additional investigation. Rep. Mace emphasized that the evidence shows this is neither a conspiracy theory nor a political stunt. Rep. Donalds ran through the lengthy list of corporate entities set up and the unusual lengths taken to pass money through these entities while raising what should be an obvious question: What business were these entities conducting? What services were being provided? Rep. Jordan noted the roughly 170 SARs generated pertaining to the Bidens.


During the question and answer portion Comer identified numerous Biden family members who received payments, including the President’s son, brother, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend (Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie), Hunter’s current wife, and several grandchildren, noting the oddity of children receiving money from foreign entities. Comer also pointed out that much of the evidence comes from banking records obtained pursuant to subpoena, and that many of the questionable transactions occurred while Joe Biden was serving as Vice President.

The committee announced that the investigation is entering a new phase, which will include additional bank subpoenas and requests of Biden associates, including Hunter’s “art gallerist” and Rob Walker, to cooperate with the investigation.


Obviously, there will be more details to come, and RedState will continue to report on them as they become available.


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