NEW: Jason Aldean Not Backing off, Doubles Down Against 'Cancel Culture'

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Singer Jason Aldean has taken a lot of fire from people on the left over the last week because of their distortion of his song, “Try That in a Small Town.” The song talks about standing up to violence and riots where people “stomp on the flag and light it up.” It’s about showing that communities will band together, Aldean said.


On Twitter this past week, he explained the song.

Aldean said the hit was inspired by the ‘unspoken rule’ of small towns of ‘we all have each other’s backs and we look out for each other.’

It feels like somewhere along the way, that sense of community and respect has gotten lost. Deep down we are all ready to get back to that,’ he added.

‘I hope my new music video helps y’all know that u are not alone in feeling that way.’

However, the leftist response was manic, with people like Whoopi Goldberg calling it racist, claiming it was encouraging violence when indeed it was standing up to and condemning violence and never mentions race. Country Music Television even yanked the #1 song from its rotation because of the controversy, bending over to the mob.

But if Aldean’s response on Friday night was any indication, Aldean is not backing down or apologizing to the left as they try to cancel him. Indeed, he called out “cancel culture” during his show, to the cheers of his audience.


Speaking at his show in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Friday night, Aldean told the crowd: ‘I’ve seen a lot of stuff suggesting I am this, suggesting I am that.

‘Here’s the thing, I feel like everybody is entitled to their opinion you can think something all you want to, it doesn’t mean it is true.

‘What I am, is a proud American. I love our country, I want to see it restored to what it once was before all this bulls**t started happening to us.’

Much to the delight of the sold out crowd at the Riverbend Music Center in the city, he continued: ‘I love my country, I love my family and I will do anything I can to protect that.’

As Aldean finished, shouts of ‘USA! USA!’ erupt from the crowd as he triumphantly raises his hand on stage.

He said he saw country music fans rally and be pretty “badass” regarding the controversy. He said they could see through the “bulls**t.”

He added that if anyone doubted that, he would be playing his song at the concert.

“The people have spoken,” Aldean declared. “And you guys spoke very, very loudly this week!”


That’s exactly the right approach. As we’ve seen in the past, apologizing for something you didn’t do only invites the left to roll over on you more. It doesn’t sound like they’ve cowed him at all or that he intends to stop using his song. He’s showing that he’s standing up for his song and what he believes in, that they aren’t going to be able to roll over him. That’s the way everyone should respond to such controversies—until the left learns that they can’t bully folks anymore.


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