Whoopi Has Bizarre, Very Bad Take on Jason Aldean's Song

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My colleague Jim Thompson wrote a great take earlier on some of the left’s reactions to the Jason Aldean song.

He cited what “The View” host Sunny Hostin said, but I wanted to talk about Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to all this because it’s such a classic liberal take — she acts as though she’s speaking from authority while she’s getting all kinds of things wrong about the story.


Now, you would think the first thing you would do when you’re the host of a show and you’re supposed to be talking about a news topic is you would acquaint yourself with the facts. But it doesn’t look like Whoopi bothered to do that because she couldn’t even get the name of the song right.

It’s “Try That in a Small Town,” not “Not in a Small Town.” The error completely goes against the whole point of the song. She parrots what the “critics” say about the song having “racist lyrics” but doesn’t point out what lyrics are supposedly racist despite claiming that. Hint? There aren’t any. You can check them out here. How do you even read race into it? But if someone is reading race into the song when it isn’t there because it talks about violence, then the racist reaction is that person’s.

Goldberg even had difficulty getting Gov. Kirsti Noem’s name correct.

If anything, it seems to me that Aldean is condemning violence, talking about people standing up to defend themselves, and coming together as a community. That’s what Aldean said when he clapped back at criticism of the song.


Try That In A Small Town, for me, refers to the feeling of a community that I had growing up, where we took care of our neighbors, regardless of differences of background or belief. Because they were our neighbors, and that was above any differences.

Where Whoopi most went out on a limb was when she was talking about the BLM. Now, Aldean doesn’t mention BLM in his lyrics, although there are images of various riots in the video. But what Whoopi says is bizarre. She then criticized Aldean, saying it never occurred to him that the BLM was “taking care of the people in their town.” Um, what? Aldean was talking about people being violent. Is she saying that the BLM was “taking care of the people in the town” by being violent? Talk about some cognitive dissonance there.

Goldberg continues here by asking why is he [Aldean] linking it to black people.

Yet he didn’t. Whoopi did, seemingly without listening to the song or looking at the lyrics, if she makes comments like this. She then chastises Aldean, who knows what it’s like to experience a mass shooting because he was at the Route 91 Las Vegas shooting, yet she falsely suggests he’s encouraging violence, when in fact he’s condemning it.


Whoopi ends by responding to Aldean’s statement on the matter saying his song does “go too far.”

“You’ve gone too far,” she said, wagging her finger at Aldean.

Yes, how dare he talk about communities coming together to stand against violence in their towns. What a horrible human being he is! How dare he go so far! Maybe it is too far for some on the left who support Democratic politicians who don’t seem to want to address these issues of crime and violence.

It is going “far,” Whoopi, as my colleague Jim Thompson noted earlier, all the way to number one on Apple iTunes.


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