CMT Latest to Tell You What You Can See and Think, Yanks Jason Aldean's No. 1 Song From the Rotation

Jason Aldean sings Try That in a Small Town. (Credit: Jason Aldean)

As we’ve reported, country singer Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” has risen to the top of the charts and has caused liberal heads to explode, with many of them crying racism and claiming the tune is pro-lynching.


Despite the Left’s outrage, the song, as of this writing, is #1 on the iTunes “Top Songs” chart. Ha!


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Country Music Television (CMT) doesn’t care about the song’s popularity, though, and has decided to pull the song from its rotation. Meaning, they’re censoring it.

Radio host Clay Travis called the move “pathetic”:

The song features blazing guitars, while the video shows Aldean’s band playing against a montage of news footage regarding the George Floyd-BLM protests.

Aldean vehemently denies the tune is racist or a call to lynching, tweeting Tuesday:

In the past 24 hours I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that has been out since May) and was subject to the comparison that I (direct quote) was not too pleased with the nationwide BLM protests. These references are not only meritless, but dangerous. There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it- and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real news footage -and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music- this one goes too far.


Read his full statement here.

One reason the song is so popular, in my opinion, is that it exposes the hypocrisy of our leaders during the summer 2020 riots, where they told us to stay inside to stay safe from COVID—unless, of course, you were rioting and destroying property; then you could go whatever you want.

Since then, we’ve seen a two-and-a-half-year liberal meltdown over the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” with hundreds of participants jailed, while it seems virtually no one has faced legal consequences for the summer 2020 outbursts.

The truth is, the 2020 riots went on far longer than the Jan. 6, 2021, capitol attack, there were more deaths and injuries, and they caused at least $2 billion in damage. So yeah, people are still upset.

One thing that the outrage mob is latching onto is the location of the video, in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, which is the site of the awful 1927 lynching of Henry Choate. However, TackleBox, the production company behind the video, said that the location is a “popular filming location outside of Nashville” and that Aldean did not choose it.

The song has definitely stirred up the culture wars, and celebrities, politicians, and just about everyone else is sharing their opinions. (NSFW language ahead.) Here’s comedienne Roseanne Barr duking it out with singer Sheryl Crow:


Aldean’s wife Brittany chimed in with support for her husband on Instagram:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brittany Aldean (@brittanyaldean)

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said what a lot of us were thinking, namely that the Left seems to always have their priorities mixed up:

CMT is not Big Tech, Big Corporate, or the federal government—but it is Big Media. The truth is, don’t they all seem to be one behemoth at this point, telling us what to look at and what to think?

Although this story doesn’t involve transgenderism, CMT is learning, as Bud Light and Target did, that people are sick of being told to deny reality and march in lockstep with the progressive narrative. We’re going to listen to that song whether they like it or not.


In fact, crank it up right now:


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