WATCH: Jake Tapper Asks Jake Sullivan About 'Accountablity' for Drone Strike on Shepherd With 10 Kids

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As I previously reported, the Biden administration initially claimed that they recently hit a “senior al-Qaeda leader” with a missile. Yet they didn’t cite any evidence to back the claim or even identify the al Qaeda leader who they thought they took out.


But then they started backing off the claim when more details started coming out about the man who was hit. Now officials are acknowledging they’re no longer confident that they took out a senior al-Qeada official.

They did take out Lotfi Hassan Misto, 56, with a Hellfire missile earlier this month in northwest Syria. His brother, his son, and six others who knew him described him as a kind, hard-working man whose “whole life was spent poor.” He was a shepherd who was taking care of his sheep, raising his ten children, and had no ties to terrorism, according to the family.

The administration said they’re still trying to assess the situation. It’s a little too late for that, don’t you think? The time for assessing the situation was before you took out the poor guy.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked about it on CNN by Jake Tapper, who asked if anyone was going to be held accountable for killing the shepherd if this was true. How slimy is Jake Sullivan? Listen as he claims that Biden has “set up guidelines” with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for accountability.


Um, Jake? Where’s the accountability for the family of ten that you guys flamed in Afghanistan in 2021 so you could look tough because you were botching the withdrawal? Last time I checked not one person had been held accountable for that huge mistake that took out several children as well as an aid worker who’d helped the U.S. in the past and was in Kabul trying to evacuate to the U.S. Not only was the strike a mistake, but the lies all around it were disgusting. Yet, no one seemed to suffer any penalty at all for the huge mistake or for the lies told to the American people and the world.

“The Pentagon is conducting a full and thorough investigation,” Sullivan claimed. Then at the end of it, we’ll find out what we already know — that they likely made another huge mistake here, and dollars to donuts, no one will be held accountable again.

But why is anyone talking about “accountability” with Jake Sullivan? This was the same guy who was part of the effort to smear Donald Trump with the Russia collusion lies. Sullivan and Hillary Clinton pushed the Alfa Bank smear.


Where is the accountability for that, for how much that falsehood hurt Trump and divided the nation? We saw so much revealed in the Durham Report about what the Clinton team did. Yet there’s Jake Sullivan, still National Security Advisor for Joe Biden, having a massive influence over the policy of this country.

Part of the reason we’re having all these problems is that Democrats aren’t held to account, so they have no reason to remediate their behavior, whether it comes to smears against their political opponents, their bad economic policies, or even killing innocent people in drone strikes. They didn’t fix any problem in Afghanistan if they took out the wrong guy yet again. But they don’t care. All they’re hoping to do is tell Tapper some B.S. so they can get past the news cycle and the media moves on to some other topic.


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