Looks Like Biden Took out the Wrong Guy yet Again With Drone Strike

AP Photo/Jess Rapfogel

There was a lot that Joe Biden did wrong during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He failed to get our allies out before the country fell to the Taliban, then leaving them and hundreds of Americans behind. Because of his failures, 13 young Americans who served in our military were killed.


One of the other things that the Biden team did was drone strike a family and then tell all kinds of false stories about it, claiming that they had hit a terrorist. First, they said there were no civilian casualties. Then we found out ten people, including several children, were killed and there were no terrorists. One adult killed was even a contractor who had worked for us. He came to Kabul to hopefully be evacuated to the U.S. So we took out an ally in the botched strike. The Biden team kept backtracking and changing the facts. No one was held accountable for that considerable error.

Now the Biden team is backtracking again on another drone strike.

The Biden team claimed that they’d taken out a bigwig al-Qaeda official in Syria this week, only to have to walk it back now that it turned out that they were completely wrong. Now, the reports are that instead of an al Qaeda guy, the person they took out was a poor guy who was the father of ten, who was taking care of his sheep when he was hit by an American missile.

Lotfi Hassan Misto, 56, whose family identified him as the victim of a Hellfire missile attack on May 3, was a former bricklayer who lived quietly in this town in northwest Syria, according to interviews with his brother, son and six others who knew him. They described a kind, hard-working man whose “whole life was spent poor.”

The operation was overseen by U.S. Central Command, which claimed hours after the strike, without citing evidence or naming a suspect, that the Predator drone strike had targeted a “senior Al Qaeda leader.” But now there is doubt inside the Pentagon about who was killed, two U.S. defense officials told The Washington Post.

“We are no longer confident we killed a senior AQ official,” one official said.


Some were still trying to suggest he might be al Qaeda, but the family refutes that.

The administration is also not talking about who they were trying to target or how such an error could have occurred. They say they’re continuing to assess the situation.

The scrambling is eerily reminiscent of what they did after the botched Afghanistan drone strike so I’m not sure I’d believe anything being said, as the story keeps evolving.

When you don’t hold anyone accountable for a huge mistake that killed people including children, then chances are you will have it happen again. But that’s the Biden team in a nutshell. Biden and his team have made so many mistakes in so many areas. He and his people are constantly lying their heads off. Yet, no one is held accountable for bad decisions or poor policies. It’s why they keep doing the same things wrong again and again. But it’s particularly disastrous when it results in the killing of innocent people.


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