Durham Report Spells Out How Much FBI Investigation Relied on 'Leads' From Trump's 'Political Opponents'

The Durham Report dropped on Monday, after years of waiting for it, and you can read the full report here. The report confirmed that they had no evidence of any actual collusion at the start of their investigation to support opening a full investigation into the Trump team.


But in case it wasn’t already clear, the report put a finer point on it — that there was “significant reliance” by the FBI in the investigation on “investigative leads provided or funded (directly or indirectly) by Trump’s political opponents” and the FBI didn’t subject those claims to any “analytical rigor” before just proceeding with them anyway.

Not only was there significant reliance but indeed, politically-affiliated information “triggered and sustained” the investigation.

The report also noted the disparate treatment between the issues involving Trump and Clinton. They investigated everything about Trump, even when there wasn’t evidence, while turning a blind eye to things involving Clinton.

The FBI wants to just sweep it away as “missteps” but what you had was a banana republic operation with the FBI being fed and led by Trump’s political opponents. That’s a manipulation of the power of the government against your political opponent. That’s far more than a “misstep” or something that you can take simple corrective steps for, and it’s insulting that they think they can just tell us that and move on.


For example, the Durham Report explains that the FBI agents who looked into the Alfa Bank smear found the claims weren’t supported by the data. It had been provided to them by Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann. Yet it was “FBI leadership” who pushed to open a full investigation.

The Clinton campaign also pushed the claim out to the media where it was lapped up and disseminated to complete the propaganda. Listen to this ridiculous nonsense from Natasha Bertrand on MSNBC.

So you have to “rule out” lies, rather than the people pushing them have to prove they are true — that’s the liberal media in a nutshell. But it was this kind of “journalism” that helped buoy up the lie for so many years when yes, Natasha, this was disprovable from the beginning.


We talk about holding people to account, but this story about the Alfa Bank nonsense was pushed not just by Clinton, her campaign, and the media, but it was also pushed by the guy who currently works as Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan.

If there was any justice, how does he still have a job? But of course, he has a job because he’s played ball to get there.

This has to be one of the most shameful political incidents in history, made more shameful by the fact that no one is being held accountable.


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