State Dept. Shows It Needs Complete Overhaul With Horrible Response to Mandatory Pronoun Mess

AP's Matt Lee grilling Biden State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel. Credit: Steve Guest/Twitter

Time is counting down on Joe Biden dealing with debt negotiations. As I wrote earlier, Biden seemed to have no idea what was going on when he gave his answers to reporters about the debt ceiling while he was at the G7 in Japan, after he had delayed meeting with Republicans for months.


But while the Biden team delayed action on something so important that puts our economy at risk, they were quick to impose a new edict at the State Department when it comes to pronouns, as we reported. Veteran AP reporter Matt Lee exposed that on Thursday when he demanded to know from State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Petal why the State Department emails were suddenly imposing pronouns on everyone in the “from line” on emails.

Lee explained that this was “not an optional thing” and was being imposed on all department emails. He wanted to know “who made this decision” and why it was “mandatory.” Lee was not shy about saying this was “wrong” and whether or not people wanted to use pronouns should be a “choice.”

But Lee also hilariously noted that the woke Biden team appears to have messed things up in imposing the new requirement. People who were women were getting male pronouns, and the reverse, which was “ridiculous,” he said. Patel said he had no idea about what Lee was talking about but said he would check into it.


But if that wasn’t nutty enough and showed how perverse their priorities are, they’ve just added more stupidity to the story.

The State Department sent out an email to employees on Friday saying that they could have free therapy if they felt “hurt or upset” about being misgendered by the Biden administration edict. They were encouraged to contact the “State Department’s Employee Consultation Service if they were upset about the mixup.”

One employee said that the incident was a distraction from their work and “a lot of people here have been triggered today.”

According to the State Department’s Chief information officer Kelly E. Fletcher, “the intent behind this feature is to make our systems more inclusive and provide employees with options. Not to make decisions for them.”

Fletcher said, “I recognize that this error had the opposite effect, and again, I am very sorry.”

The organization is in the process of “testing a new feature that will provide users with the option to include their preferred pronouns in their Global Address List profile. The feature inadvertently went live, and a large number of employees had randomly assigned pronouns added to their profiles,” Fletcher said.

“I deeply regret the confusion and distress this mistake caused our workforce,” Fletcher concluded.


This response is more concerning than the original story. The original story showed how bad the Biden team is, trying to impose their woke edicts on people. But thinking that making this “mandatory” is more “inclusive” is madness. Also, if State Department people get so upset about this misgendering that they’re “triggered” and need therapy, then they probably shouldn’t be working there and representing this country. This news revealing how fragile some of these folks are is truly concerning. We’ve already seen we need to re-evaluate all the FBI leadership, but unfortunately, the whole government — including the State Department — is infected with this madness.



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