More Biden 'Loon-acy' in Japan as He Manages to Insult the South Korean President

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden is still in Japan, embarrassing us mightily, as the debt ceiling deadline looms.

I wrote the other day how he looked completely confused, was being led around by the hand by Jill, and almost fell down the stairs. That’s bad enough, when he’s in such horrible condition, he looks like he just stepped out of a nursing home and he’s supposed to be representing us there.


But unfortunately, then he opens his mouth and inserts his foot in it, constantly, not just saying things that are stupid politically, from a policy point of view, but things that are just straight up disturbingly, palm-to-the-face wrong. My colleague Bonchie wrote about some of it earlier, but there was more.

Biden just met with President Yoon of South Korea last month. As I noted at the time, that’s when he was caught with cheat sheets that had at least one question from a reporter on it. He just met with the guy, had meetings with him, and even held a press briefing with him — you would think that he would know the guy’s name. But then again, we’re talking about Joe Biden, so not so much.

However, Biden just called him “President Loon” while he was answering questions from the press in Japan. I’m thinking it isn’t the South Korean president who is the “loon” here. Imagine the conversation that the underlings are going to have to have with the South Koreans to apologize for this one, “Our loon didn’t mean to call your guy Yoon a ‘Loon.'” I wouldn’t want to be in their position. Biden just spoke to Yoon at length, he even says it, yet he doesn’t even remember his name. That’s when you know how deeply gone Biden is. I can’t imagine what the South Koreans are thinking, much less any of the other world leaders who were at the G7.


But Biden wasn’t quite finished yet. He was talking at great length about the debt negotiations As we reported earlier, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicated that things seemed to have stalled. Yet they have very little time left before the deadline. McCarthy said the White House was moving backward and he thought they weren’t going to be getting anywhere until Biden got back to the U.S.

Part of the problem is that Biden was stalling for months, and he seems completely unengaged now that he’s away in Japan. It’s probably hard enough for his handlers to keep him in gear when they have complete control over him at home, but it’s much harder when they’re overseas and don’t. It’s not clear what he’s being told. In a concerning statement, Biden even admitted to the press that he doesn’t know what’s going on with the debt negotiation talks, and that they probably know more than him.

“You all may know more from questioning than I do,” he told the press. Unfortunately, I suspect that might be true, and that’s incredibly disturbing, as the clock ticks down.


Biden (or the leftist handlers) seem to think they can tank the economy and then blame the Republicans. But as we reported, the polls show that they may not get away with that kind of a gambit, that Americans are not in favor of a deal without conditions like some on the Biden team want.

So between Biden being completely out of it and his handlers seeming to want to tank us, hold onto your hats to see if we get any kind of a reasonable deal worked out here.


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