WATCH: Biden State Dept. Mandates Pronouns, Gets Nailed Messing up Their Own Woke Rule

AP's Matt Lee grilling Biden State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel. Credit: Steve Guest/Twitter

How woke is too woke? On Thursday, even the Biden team got tripped up by their own wokeness.

The State Department Deputy Spokesperson, Vedant Patel was doing a briefing when he got a rather aggrieved question from AP reporter Matt Lee. Lee is an old-school journalist who’s had the same job for about 16 years, and he isn’t shy about asking questions that they may not like. He’s nailed the Biden team on their nonsense in the past.


Lee asked Patel if he knew about the new addition to emails the State Department sends. Patel confessed ignorance. Lee said they included mandatory pronouns now on the emails’ “from” line, and he was not at all happy about it.

“This is not an optional thing,” Lee said. He said he didn’t mind if people used pronouns — if they wanted to — but why was this suddenly being made mandatory? “Who made this decision?” he asked.

Patel claimed that he hadn’t seen this, so he couldn’t speak to what Lee was saying. Lee said it wasn’t just for internal State Department emails. Lee asked Patel if he could look into it.

Lee also hilariously made the point that “at least some of them so far as I’ve been able to tell, are wrong! They’re giving the wrong pronoun! So men are being identified as women and women as men. This has nothing to do with any transgender or anything like that. It’s ridiculous!”


Lee said it should be a choice, not something the State Department imposes on people. “It’s wrong!” he declared.

I think all of us are Matt Lee here, asking them to stop the madness. But good for him for just being straight about this move pushing the crazy.

The State Department has been promoting the “pronoun” thing for a while. Almost two years ago in October 2021, they tweeted about “International Pronouns Day.”

They’re constantly pushing the woke agenda.

That prompted some to ask what is “interphobia,” since it’s hard to even keep up with all the stuff they keep throwing at us. It turns out it’s a fear of intersex people.

It’s pretty hilarious that the Biden team seems to have gotten hoisted on their own petard with all this. They demand that everyone go woke and adopt all this stuff. But then, they commit one of the most egregious sins in “wokeness” — misgendering someone. Don’t they know the trauma they may have caused by this sacrilege? How could they do such a horrible thing? They need to get sent back for re-education immediately, so that they never do such a despicable thing ever again.


But seriously, any foreign governments, looking at us, must be laughing their heads off at all this. Imagine what China must be thinking, when this is our focus, rather than their threatening actions toward its neighbors. But this is the message that the Biden team is sending out to our adversaries around the world. They’re a laughing stock—and that’s not a good look.


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