Here's Your Laugh for Mother's Day: The Description of Joe Biden When He Received His Howard U. Honorary Degree

Joe Biden receiving honorary degree at Howard University. Credit: WHUT (Howard University Public Broadcast Television)

We truly appear more and more to be living in two different worlds when it comes to Democrats versus reality.

They deny even biology and can’t define what a woman is. A man is a woman simply because he says so in their “reality.” In that world, there is no inflation or disaster at the border. The border is “secure” and Joe Biden has built the strongest economy in years. Just ignore the fact that inflation is costing us hundreds more dollars a month under Joe.


This is why his approval rating is in the toilet. Most people live in reality even if Biden’s adherents don’t. They know how badly he’s affected everything and that’s why most Americans don’t want him to run again.

That’s why Biden is desperate to rebrand himself as someone worth anyone’s vote. It’s why he went to Howard and gave the commencement speech hoping to win some 2024 votes, given how his approval numbers have dropped with African-Americans. He gave such a divisive and pandering speech that even Elon Musk had to call it out when Biden spoke about “sinister forces.”

I wanted to show you a little more about the nature of the divide with those on the left, plus give you a great laugh for Mother’s Day with a little more from that Howard event.

Joe Biden received an honorary degree when he spoke at Howard University on Saturday. That’s not unusual; it’s something that frequently happens when politicians give commencement speeches at universities. What was unusual was what they said about him when he received the degree.

Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, the president of the university delivered remarks about the president. Now Frederick is a doctor — a cancer surgeon, no less — so he’s achieved a lot. He got his M.D. by the age of 22. He’s not a lightweight guy. But what he said about Biden was pure hilarious fantasy. I almost thought he had to be trolling him because no one could truly believe this pack of nonsense.


Frederick spoke about Joseph R. Biden, describing him as a “revered statesman,” a “committed champion of justice,” a “gracious guardian of humanity,” and a “noble patron of peace.”

“You stand in truth, power, integrity and are blessed in the glory of God,” he continued, calling him “number one in the global state.” He said he was a “magnificent commander in chief” who was “expertly leading America in making monumental innovations and passing legislation to improve the quality of life for all.” Frederick said Biden “stood firm and focused in achieving productive results and significant solutions, born of a sincere desire to leave an awesome legacy for our beloved nation.”

“Admired for his sound analytical intellect, and open embrace of all, your popularity on both sides of the aisle of the United States, led to your illustrious reputation and outstanding service of 36 years as a Democratic senator from Delaware, beginning at the tender age of 29.” he added


Watch Joe Biden puff up his chest at around the 39-second mark in the video, as he truly is believing all this malarkey. Sound analytical intellect? Popularity on both sides of the aisle? He was never known for his intellect — he was known for being a gaffe machine and for plagiarism in the 1988 election, and even most Democrats didn’t want him to run again. That’s why this pitch to people is so hilarious. Even among those who might vote for him, I don’t think any of them would think of him in these glowing terms. It’s so bad, it’s funny. And he’s had decades of racist statements, from saying that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a “racial jungle” to you “ain’t black” if you don’t know to vote for him. Did Dr. Frederick miss them all? And Biden’s job isn’t supposed to be the head of a global state; he’s supposed to serve and defend Americans, which he’s failing badly at.

People on both sides of the aisle called out the phony description of the president.


After the speech, that committed champion of justice and gracious guardian of humanity headed back to Delaware for more vacation. That’s the true Joe Biden, the worst person to ever occupy the White House.



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